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Gender Inequality

A brief sociological look at gender inequality in the United States

Kevin Franklin

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality ~150 years ago, women could not:
sign a contract
sit on juries
Many jobs were closed
Once married, property belonged to husband
Recieved lower wages Some women began to protest this gender discrimination...
American Women's Movement
sexes are socially, politically, and economically equal Fought with civil disobediance
chained to buildings
hunger strikes
harassed public officials
eventual passage of 19th amendment Inactive period for ~40 years...then
Were women content with the roles of wife and mother?
Other laws enacted to protect from gender discrimination in the workplace and education Education
prior to 1979, women were underrepresented on campuses
post '79, women have been majority Education
men studies tend to focus on engineering, physical science, and architecture
women tend to focus on humanities, education, and library science
women earn only 17% of the engineering degrees awarded
88% of the library science degrees go to women In the early 1970's
women made up only 16% of college athletes
in high school, girls only composed 8% of athletes
Education Amendment Act of 1972 changed this by barring discrimination on basis of gender for any program
Still, less than 1/4 of college sports funding is for women. Work
wage gap has decreased
1960's: $0.58-0.61 for every male dollar
Today: $0.75 for every male dollar
Annual average discrepancy of $10,000 despite same occupation
Glass Ceiling
invisible barrier preventing women from gaining upper level positions
Some studies and statistics indicate it is breaking Work a second shift?
What roles should women perform?
Keep mom, wife, and job titles? Politics
Women compose 52% of voting population
yet men dominate political arena
women are slowly increasing in numbers in political positions
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