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Saint John Baptist de La Salle Timeline

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on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Saint John Baptist de La Salle Timeline

Saint John Baptist de La Salle Timeline
Visited his grandparents during the summer months. They taught him to pray daily.
Was tutored until he was 9
Went to College des Bon Enfants until 18
Joined the seminary in 1670
After his parents died, he left the seminary to care for his siblings and his home.
He later returned to the seminary.
De La Salle was the oldest of 11 kids (7 survived)
Wealthy family --> lived among the rich and famous

Meeting Nicolas Barre
Significant Life Event: - 1678
De La Salle is ordained to the
priesthood in the chapel of
the Archbishop of Reims

Over View of De La Salle's
1st: The death of both of his parents in 1671 (Life Changing Experience)
2nd: To work with Nyel or decide to maintain his position and appearance in society --> anger, disbelief, and accusations of madness greeted his decision
3rd: To give up all his wealth or to keep it just in case he needed it later in life. He choose to give it all up and be equal with his brothers.
4th: Priests would become jealous of De La Salle once he took over their charity schools and improved them
5th: 1690 the diocesan supervisor of the Little Schools accused the Brothers accepting kids that were capable of paying for their education
6th: Many brothers died young from diseases easily contracted in the crowded schools.
7th: In the year 1709 a famine swept through France killing thousands
8th: A wealthy young man fined De La Salle and almost had him jailed
9th: De La Salle had a "dark night of the soul" (He became unsure of his path)
10th: Chronic Rheumatism crippled him
11th: Illness took his life

Good Friday- April 7th, 1719

Age: 67

Cause: illness and austerities ("sternness or severity of manner or attitude.")

Last Words:
"I adore in all things the holy will of God in my regard"
Born in 1651 in Reims, France

Nyel = layman who wanted to create charity schools
Met De La Salle, who agreed to fund housing for the teachers
Helped Nyel become so successful that De La Salle needed to help manage the multiple, crowded schools
Heroic Vow
November 21, 1691

De La Salle choose two zealous men:
1. Brother Nicolas Vuyart
2. Brother Gabriel Drolin

De La Salle's Purpose: bind the three of them by vow to establish the Society, no matter the cost.

The Vow:
"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, prostrate with the most profound respect before your infinite and adorable majesty, we consecrate ourselves entirely to you to procure with all our ability and efforts the establishment of the Society of the Christian Schools, in the manner which will seem most agreeable to you and most advantageous to the said Society
And for that purpose, I, John Baptist de La Salle, priest, I, Nicolas Vuyart, and I, Gabriel Drolin, from now on and forever until the last surviving one of us, or until the complete establishment of the said Society, make the vow of association and union to bring about and maintain the said establishment, without being able to withdraw from this obligation, even if only we three remained in the said Society, and if were obliged to beg for alms and to live on bread alone.
In view of which we promise to do, all together and by common accord, everything we shall think in conscience, and regardless of any human consideration, to be for the greater good of the said Society."

Meeting Adrien Nyel - 1679
De La Salle wasn't sure how involved he should be in the schools
Barre suggested that he live with the teachers and help them become better at their job. De La Salle’s relatives were deeply disturbed, his social class was scandalized, and they thought he was carrying the Gospel a bit too far.
Advised him a second time, saying he should distribute his money to the poor
Significant Life Event - 1666
De La Salle is named a Canon of Reims Cathedral
Significant Life Event - 1662
receives the tonsure at Reims Cathedral, indicating that he is on the path to becoming a cleric
Opening of Schools - 1679
St Maurice: First school established
First school
Started in the parish
Run by Adrien Nyel
Impact on Education
Gave instruction in French instead of Latin
Created program to teach poor young men on Sundays and holidays
Created a boarding school and a reformatory
By Kate Lawless, Cailey Banken, Ashley Cordero, and Christine Zielinski
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