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Tropicana Case Study

No description

Caitlin Moffitt

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Tropicana Case Study

Tropicana focused on the unique aspects of the claim and on the lack of knowledge among consumers about potassium and health benefits. Survey Results 95% of adults are unaware of potassium's role in controlling blood pressure or stroke
94% did not know orange juice is a good source of potassium Objectives Audiences Budget Public Relations efforts had a total budget of $490,000

Only 4 percent of Tropicana's overall $12 million marketing budget Evaluation Execution
Strategy 1 Time announcement to catch the competition off-guard and maximize Tropicana's opportunities to "own" the claim Objective 1:
Generated 895 million media impressions reaching target consumers and health professionals
Tropicana's name was mentioned in every story that covered the claim and in 62% of all headlines Execution
Strategy 1 Prioritized key media targets to receive the news
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, major news wire services, national morning shows, CNN
Prepitching ensured news would hit the media at 5 p.m. on Oct. 30 Strengthen Tropicana's stature as the leader in OJ category
Increase awareness of the link between high blood pressure/stroke and potassium and that OJ is an ideal source of the mineral
Increase sales by at least 25% in December 2000 and by 10% for fourth quarter 2000 over the same periods in 1999 Execution
Strategy 2 Create multiple news angle to reach a variety of influencers Execution
Strategy 2 Business and financial community
How the claim would help Tropicana maintain its leadership role in the beverage industry
Ketchum arranged for CEO to ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange
Held sampling event outside for traders and people passing by
Recieved attention from analysts, financial wires and financial TV shows Execution
Strategy 2 Health and science community
Press material that focused on the research behind the claim, the prevalence of HPB in the US and the low intake levels of potassium among consumers
Materials were sent to family physicians, cardiologists, dietitians and other health care professionals Execution
Strategy 2 Minority outreach
A press release citing the prevalence of hypertension and stroke among African Americans was distributed to newspapers
African-American dietician Barbara Dixon recorded and audio news release that was distributed to urban radio stations
Materials were translated into Spanish and a Hispanic cardiologist served as the spokesperson Objective 2
67% of the stories contained the message, "Potassium is clinically proven to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke," and nearly 25% of the stories contained the message, "Just one glass of orange juice per day provides enough potassium to prevent the risk of high blood pressure and stroke." Execution
Strategy 2 Program extension
Georgia Kostas, a dietician with the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, to discuss food sources of Potassium in a Nov. audio news release
Dr. Joanne Foody of Yale participated in a satellite media tour in mid-Dec. to discuss how potassium-rich foods could help protect people from the rise in cardiovascular incidents that occur during the holidays Evaluation Execution
Strategy 3 Integrate public relations advertising and retail marketing efforts Execution
Strategy 3 New logo
Landor created a new version of Tropicana's Straw in Orance icon to be used on TPP's new packaging
Advertising campaign
Full-page print ads in USA Today on Nov. 1 (day after announcement) in the New York Times on Nov. 5
Followed by a series of holiday-themed ads
Television commercial featuring an over-eighty softball team and the song "You Gotta Have Heart" Objective 3
Sales for the last 4 weeks of December by 54.5%
A 22% sales uptick for 4th quarter 2000 also was greater than forecast
To continue the momentum, Tropicana has a community program in place that includes public relations, additional new packaging-lead publications, and additional professional outreach efforts Health-conscious consumers over age 25
Consumers at increased risk of high blood pressure and stroke
Hispanics and African Americans
Health professionals — cardiologists, family doctors, dietitians
Food retailers Evaluation Execution
Strategy 3 Retail
The messages and research developed by Ketchum were sent to Tropicana's sales team and retail brokers
Retailers were reached directly with print ads Hired Ketchum PR
Began media audit to see how General Mills was portrayed in the media
Reviewed data from Information Resource Inc. to determine how other food companies initiated claims
Ketchum reviewed scientific literature that linked potassium to lower risk of high blood pressure and stroke
Helped Ketchum draft key messages and ensure accuracy of materials
Identify ethnic groups at greatest risk
Omnibus survey to gain information about knowledge of potassium and high blood pressure Research: What are good sources of potassium?

How do you know?

What is high blood pressure?

What is a stroke? Tropicana Takes Nutrition
to Heart A case study by:
Caitlin, Samantha, Kylee Strategies Time announcement to catch the competition off-guard and maximize Tropicana's opportunity to "own" the claim
Create multiple news angles to reach a variety of influencers
Integrate public relations, advertising and retail marketing efforts Spokesperson Audits Ensured that Tropicana's health claim was medically accurate and credible (grounded in medical science)
Dr. Lawrence Appel, M.D. of Johns Hopkins University, because of research on hypertension and the role of potassium
African-American dietitian
Hispanic cardiologist
Cardiologist from Yale's School of Medicine
Dietician with the Cooper Clinic in Dallas Challenges The FDA placed an embargo on Tropicana's announcement until Oct. 30th, which was right before the election coverage and TV sweeps began. Tropicana's Solution How would you have handled this? Got the news out as far ahead of top competitors was crucial to overcoming the possibility of competitors using similar claims Challenges Claim could be quickly co-opted by competitors and producers of other foods qualifying for the claim. Tropicana focused on media that were likely to get the story out and early — before TV sweeps and election coverage began... Tropicana's Solution ...wire services, network newsfeeds, agenda-setting newspapers What would you do? Challenges Other foods had the same health claim, making Tropicana's less novel. What would you have done? Tropicana's Solution Lessons Learned Planned media release and ad placement
Knowledgeable spokespeople
Different strategies for different audience groups
Targeted those who influence audience members Ketchum worked very closely with Tropicana to develop key messages and to integrate the messages into every piece of the marketing mix. Tropicana's Solution Challenges The FDA has strict language requirements. They require that all communication materials needed to reflect the same key messages, in the same language, and in the same tone of voice. What would you have done? What would you have done differently?

What did you like?

What did you not like?

How would you incorporate social media?
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