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Adiccion a la comida

No description

Matias Muñoz

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Adiccion a la comida

MATIAS MUÑOZ FOOD ADDICTION!!! VIDEO PRESENTATION PREVENTIVE TREATMENTS INTERNATIONAL: NATIONAL: LOCAL (TILATÁ) : VIDEO PRESENTATION OUR PROPOSED: • Ministry of Health: Addressing the health system and social protection in health.This ministry has staff responsible for the care of the individual proper weight. ART-THERAPY Although the school store is not positive support in food addiction because as many of your goods is fat, staff (Diana Cuadros) with training in nutrition. She is in charge of formulating a balanced diet intakes of students. The knowledge of his/her same, the expression of feelings and of the anxiety, up to the development of the creativity, the project of life and the social integration. Therefore it is not only an activity of managing of the free, playful and / or occupational time but an area of intervention in yes same. HEALING TREATMENTS • WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. Implementation of programs such as Wellness Week.
• FAO: Food security for all, and ensure that people have regular access to good quality food to enable them to lead active and healthy. World food situation Conference: International Conference on Forests for Food Security and Nutrition.
These entities have helped maintain a balanced diet and prevent food addiction. EQUILIBRIO In Bogotá D.C (Colombia) operates the institution "Equilibrio", specializing in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of eating behavior disorders, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. We have a number of processes to prevent food addiction:
•We can do campaigns to prevent food addiction with a series of processes IMAGES: CONCLUSION Introduction 1. Video Presentation
2. PREVENTIVE Treatments
3. Curative Treatments
4.Our Proposed
5. Images
6. Conclusion 1. Video Presentation
2. Video Presentation
3. Preventive Treatments
4. Curative Treatments
5. Our Proposed
6. Conclusion
Bibliography: *Gempeler J, Rodríguez M, (2009), Cuando tu forma de comer se convierte en un problema, págs. 40-58, Ediciones B Colombia S.A.*Ossa M, (2005),Pautas para citar textos y hacer listas de referencias según las normas american psycological association págs.2-4,Universidad de los Andes*Duran V, (2006), Adicciones Vicios y Enfermedades, Revista (P.U.J), Volumen N 278 págs. 4-5, Ediciones, Editorial E.*(2007), Como evitar las adicciones, págs. 69-71, Editorial Época, S.A. de CV Emperadores N. 185.*Villegas M, (2005), Cosas de niñas, Editorial Villegas. *Cuellar C, Psicóloga clínica.
Objective: Share our inquiry for you, to understand the addiction to the food
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