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William Barber

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of WELCOME BACK 2017

January 3rd 2017
M: In your seat
V: Level of 0
P: Watch an answer this: What is one difficulty these engineers had to overcome with creating this bridge?
Group Discussion
What may be the benefits of this type of bridge?
Is it cost efficient?
Do you think this may be safe?
Share out
-Think about local bridges in your area. Are any cable stayed?
-What do we think our bridge in New London is considered?
The Millau bridge, is a type of CABLE STAYED BRIDGE

A Cable stayed bridge is when the weight of the deck of the bridge is supported by numerous cables that are attached to one of the pillars on the bridge.
Cut & Paste
1. In your notebook cut and paste the different types of bridges.
2. Put each bridge on a different page.
3. Everything you learn about that type of bridge you can then take notes on!
4. So... For todays notes on "cable stayed" bridges, cut and paste that photo for that page.
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