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Drugs and Adiction

The dangers of drugs and the effects they have your body.

Matthew Cali

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Drugs and Adiction

Drugs are substances that alter the way a person thinks and acts. Drugs usually make a person not think clearly or function properly. Drugs can make people feel "good" temporarily but often have negative after-effects. When someone depends on this feeling and need it all the time, its called an addiction. Drugs can affect the brain, heart, lungs, mouth, and nervous system. Drugs that are commonly used by teens are "weed", tobacco, and over the counter drugs because they think these are the least harmful. Addiction is a process. You start out small, thinking its not going to do anything but then you keep doing it and eventually it will lead up to being a normal thing and possibly into harder, more dangerous drugs. Tolerance is your body's resistance to a substance. Using drugs is harmful to both your family and the society. Two ways that it is harmful: It breaks families apart. It causes the user to move closer to poverty because when they hve an addiction it causes them to buy more substance and spend all their money on it. People may think that drug use is okay because it feels good at the moment and relieves their stress, but they don't often feel negative effects until later.

-By the time the negative effects set in, the person has developed an addiction and can't help it anyway. Messages that are usually recieved from the outside world: The Media: it's "fun and cool" Parents: it's a bad thing and don't do it Your friends: it's fun and cool, "everyone is doing it." It would be good to look at your family history to see if anyone had addictions to drugs. What can you do? You can spread the awareness about what drugs can do. Some examples of common drugs are: Heroin Tobacco They make you "leave your brain places" And other over the counter drugs that don't require a perscription are also commonly used. You can talk to a friend who has a current addiction. - RUGS Crystal meth Marijuana Talk to a friend who might be in a current addiction. Drugs and Addiction By Nick Brady, Matt Cleary and Matt Cali So let's recap Different Types of Drugs Rape/Date Rape -Used to make victim unconcious and often times make user forget memory completely - Often used with alcohol
- Users often commit sexual assault/rape against their victim
-Very hard to track use because of the lack of memory Ectasy is considered a date rape drug Hallucinogens -Alter Human perception and mood
-Are often times thought of as not a dangerous type of drug
-Gateway to harder drugs
-Still easily addicted (Marijuana, Weed, Canabis, Mary Jane) Inhalants -Mimic psychoactive drugs and injections
-Found in many common household items
-Very damaging to your brain
-Inhaled through sniffing Spray paint, air freshner, keyboard cleaner There are many other types as well, all very dangerous. The media and your friends may pressure you into trying drugs, Even trying a drug only once can cause you an addiction Addiction is a process Eventually you will gain a tolerence to the drug and either Try even more dangerous drugs Or overdose and die. If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug addiction Speak up! Talk to -Your family
-Doctor To get help today Remember: Addiction is a process
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