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TOK Language

No description

Mariam Awadalla

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of TOK Language

A Roller Coaster of Language Issues Dasha, Eleni, Sarah & Mariam The Evolution of Language How does the internet affect our
perception of language ? Importance of the Knowledge Issues Implications of Knowledge Issues Language and the importance of acquiring knowledge Conclusion Considering the phenomenon of the development of Modern English
A continuation in the History of the English language
The effects this may have on the future and the way we process knowledge
Language is the tool of communication, if the tool changes then perhaps the meaning of context may be lost Websites on the Internet Evolving of the English Language Over Time How does knowing a language
colloquially affect the
way we acquire knowledge? Real Life Situation Social Media
9gag Possession of Technology Increase in 8-18 year olds Language Over Time What do we consider colloquial? Informal language The Rarity of Written Language Monks used to be the only ones to write
It was highly valued
Therefore the texture of words and phrases was important
Thanks to technology, fast communication is now possible
Fast communication means the shorter the words the better Importance of Language Politics:
Usage of the passive voice
Take responsibility without being responsible
Ex: Iraq War - Bush Administration
"Mistakes were made" A new phenomena is the internet meme, which is a concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet. Usually it is in a form of an image. Language and Euphemisms Often used in abbreviation in the military
Friendly Fire
Body Count
Soft Targets
Neutralize Friendly Fire - Killing people on your own side
Body count- Amount of people killed
Soft Targets - Bombing of civilians
Neutralize - Killing Language and other Ways of Knowing Does it matter if you receive an e-mail without spell check and without being properly addressed? Uncle vs. Father No
E-mails are meant for fast communication
Spelling is not as important as the information
Writing in dialect is fine too Language is our prominent way of communicating and expressing knowledge
Controls all other ways of knowing
Thus affects the way we acquire any knowledge Yes
Language is a way to express knowledge and level of education
Important to show respect
Speed is not the issue here
Makes it hard for one to understand what the other person is trying to express if written in crude colloquial language Father Uncle Reason Sense perception Emotion Evolution of the Word Clue Communicating in English when English is not your mother tongue
Often phrases are used they have learned from memes
Andorra example Incorrect language Pronunciation Personal Experience Traditional learning methods
Direct instruction and lectures
Seat work
Instruction based on textbooks, lectures, and individual written assignments
What helped to understand modern language
TV shows
Internet (Memes, Facebook, Tumblr) How does the internet affect our
perception of language ? We are implying that:
1. The internet DOES affect our language
2. That there is a certain way we value and see language
3. Language is prevalent within the Internet One cannot > think < of a reason without using a language inside their head.
One cannot > express < that reasoning without the use of language One cannot express their emotions without language
Words are use to describe how one feels
One cannot interact with others emotions We use our five sense to gather information about our surroundings.
Sciences: without language we would not be able to read, write or understand our theories Internet as a Tool to acquire a Language 9Gag is one of the most popular websites on the internet
Mostly used by the international community
Many use these as a way to communicate across the internet Statistics of 9Gag How does knowing a language colloquially affect the way we acquire knowledge? We are implying that:
1. Language affects the way we learn
2. There is a difference whether the language is known 'properly' or 'colloquially'
3. It must not always affect the way we learn
4. Knowing the language colloquially is already a process of learning Hinders the ability to learn a language the correct way
Language is a way of knowing therefore the way we know a language can impact the way we acquire knowledge:
Ex: English as a first language, makes it easier for someone to learn maths or history in English
it is easier for someone to learn something new in their mother tongue. Mostly all young people know about memes, but older generations don't know it and get confused when they hear something from the memes Misunderstanding between generations Influence of the memes on language Subconsciously or not, people start to use the same language as it's used in memes
the language is sometimes incorrect, which is bad
however there are many memes that make fun of misspelling/wrong pronunciation of the words, which helps to learn the right way to write/say them
New jargon is created (examples: "y u no", "ain't nobody got time for dat" memes) Bibliography "Mysteries of Vernacular: Clue." YouTube. YouTube, 31 Aug. 2012. Web. 30 Mar. 2013.
"TOK Presentation Tips." Prezi.com. Web. 30 Mar. 2013. <http://prezi.com/7nugodcso5zd/tok-presentation-tips/>.
"9gag.com Traffic and Demographic Statistics by Quantcast." 9gag.com Traffic and Demographic Statistics by Quantcast. Quantcast, 8 Mar. 2013. Web. 01 Apr. 2013. <http://ak.quantcast.com/9gag.com/geo/cities?contains=>. Impressions: 1) Germany 12.71%
2) United States 8.18%
3) Netherlands 4.57%
4) France 4.23 %
5) Canada 3.93%
6) Brazil 3.76%
7) Romania 3.47%
8) United Kingdom 3.01%
9) Mexico 2.87%
10) Philippines 2.72% Memes are used not only in English language. Russian memes example of pros and cons of the internet meme: Other language example Volume of traffic by city Impressions % Language is the way we communicate in the world
It has been changing over time, within each country, with each new generation As we can see through the memes, language has changed.
Different generations have a different perspective of the change.
It is worldwide and impacts every language thanks to the internet.
language impacts the other ways of knowing therefore the way one knows a language affects the way one acquires knowledge. 1) Athens 1.45%
2) Bucharest 1.18%
3) Budapest 1.05%
4) Singapore 0.83%
5) Berlin 0.79%
6) Istanbul 0.76%
7) Belgrade 0.74%
8) Sofia 0.72%
9)São Paulo 0.70%
10) Buenos Aires 0.65% 9gag Example Uploader - Greek
4x USA
3x Holland
2x Brazil
2x Germany
2x Italy
1x Portugal
1x Greece
1x Denmark
1x Vietnam
1x Russia
1x Hungary
1x Indonesia
1x Ukraine

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