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12 Years a Slave

No description

Tara Deck

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of 12 Years a Slave

Twelve Years a Slave
Solomon Northup

Solomon, a 21-year-old African American free man, plays violin. One day, two men, Hamilton and Brown, ask him to join them and play a few gigs. Instead, Hamilton and Brown drug him and sell him to Burch, a slave keeper in Washington.
From Washington, Solomon, taking on the new name Platt, is sold to William Ford in Bayou Boeuf in Louisiana.
Ford is kind but Solomon only stays with him for a few months. Ford sells him to Tibeats, a horrid man who treats slaves like animals.
From then on, Solomon has a few rough scenarios involving Tibeats and a new master, Epps.
There are many times when the pace slows, but it races to a conclusion at the end.
The setting is 1841 in Saratoga Springs, New York, 1841-1853 in Bayou Boeuf, Louisiana
The time period was 10-20 years before the Civil War. New York is in the North, where Solomon was born a free man. When he is captured in 1841, he is sent to the South where slavery is encouraged. He spends 12 years there as a slave.
This is important because the South is for slavery while the North is against it- and they will fight against this in the Civil War of 1862.
The main theme in the novel is horrors of slavery. This is shown throughout Solomon's recounts of beatings, lashings and other punishments. His masters even attempted to kill him while he was a slave.
The universal theme shown in the novel is bravery. Solomon had to endure 12 years of slavery, even though he was born a free man. He was very brave and never lost hope, even when things appeared hopeless.
Point of View
Told from Solomon Northup's perspective in first person
Solomon wanted people to experience what he had to go through first hand.
First person was a more powerful perspective and brought the reader closer to Solomon's experiences as a slave for 12 years.
Tone and Mood
The tone and mood of the novel was mainly sad and serious.
The book conveyed Solomon's actual life experiences as a slave
Solomon endures many hard things in his 12 years, and nearly all of it contains unimaginable horrors
The elements, Solomon's character introductions, the theme of horror of slavery, and the theme of bravery, work together to create this atmosphere of gloom and despair by Solomon's hard straight facts of a slave's life, and how he nearly had no hope to go on. This is what makes the novel so powerful and moving.
Master Epps
Master Wiliam Ford
Mistress Epps
Solomon Northup/Platt
Reader's Critique
Solomon Northup tells his life story of being born a free man to becoming a slave illegally overnight in a spellbinding novel. Twelve years as a slave gave Northup plenty of material to write about. Northup intrigues the readers using complex diction such as loquacious, ascertain, and affaidvit.
Throughout the book, Northup has a slow pace and uses great details in his writing. Concluding the book, Northup has a change in pace and rapidly ends the book. If Northup were to change anything in his book, he should have expanded his ending. Even though the reader may have wanted a longer ending, Northup extravagantly writes about his slavery and produces an exhilarating novel leaving the reader wanting more.
12 Years a Slave
The novel was significant since it was one of the first novels about slavery during the 1800s.
In the 1800s, not many books were written by slaves, and once published, many were horrified to read what Solomon went through.
Solomon's recount of his horrors are so compelling and horrifically true, that his novel has captivated audiences everywhere, even in the 21st century
It was recently made into a movie that came out last weekend.
12 Years a Slave
is the perfect novel to learn and experience slavery and how the preceding to the Civil War began
Solomon Northup is the Narrator telling the story from his point of view and prespective.
Solomon/Platt is also the Protagonist as the entire story is based upon his years in slavery.
Mr. Epps is the Dynamic Chararcter starting off violently beating many slaves, later taking an interest to the well being of the slaves.
Tibeats is the Flat Character because he is only in the book for a short period of time; he was very antagonzing and short tempered.
Mr. Ford is the Static Character because his kindness never changed
All blacks were considered slaves by Stereotype, as well as uneducated.
The author revealed characters through events, noting their significance in the storyline.
Master Tibeats
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