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Annie Dai

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Freediving

Journey to Modern Day Italians loved the sport and became competitive.
Enzo Maiorca was the first to make it to 50 m.
Jacques Mayol (meditation) and Robert "Bob" Croft ('lung packing')
Notable women: Giliana Treleani (Italy) and Evelyn Patterson (Great Britain) were the first to reach 30 m. Deborah Andollo: 107 m.
AIDA: Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée, is the worldwide freediving organization. History Very first recording occurred in 5,400 BC during the Scandinavian Stone Age named Ertebølle.
There is also an enormous amount of evidence showing that Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations participated as well.
For the Greeks, it was used as a war tactic.
Prevalent all over Asia, yet most famous in the Amas. Amas refers to Japanese and Korean divers using a technique over 2000 years old. Techniques Static Apnea: Timed breath holding in a pool.
Dynamic Apnea with fins: Swimming with fins in a pool.
Dynamic Apnea without fins: Swimming without fins in a pool.
Constant Weight Apnea with or without fins: Diving to a length while following a guide line.
Free Immersion Apnea: To use the guideline and pull oneself down or back up.
Variable Weight Apnea: To pull oneself down using a sled and go back up without it.
No Limits Apnea: Whatever distance chosen by the competitor, with a guideline provided.
The Jump Blue: Descend and swim as far as possible in a 15 x 15 m cube. Images By Annie Dai Free Diving
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