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Prezi and Puppies

No description

Leanna Ward

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Prezi and Puppies

PUPPIES & What do have in common? A basic prezi how-to for elementary school students and teachers To create a prezi, go to Prezi.com and sign-up using your university email address to access a full membership for free. Prezi is a zoom presentation tool that allows you to share information in a nonlinear way. Click here for student/teacher license Go to Prezi.com and click here to sign up Wow Prezi lets you have "Enjoy",normally $50/year for FREE just because you're a student or educator. Type in your email and go from there. How to add text in a frame. This is what it's going to look like. Here you can choose what type of organization you would like, much like picking a powerpoint slide. Double click ANYWHERE to add text. I mean Anywhere! Biggest things you gotta know about a Prezi: This is a zebra. It doesn't even look like me! Use the zebra to make an object,text, or picture bigger and smaller
The little hand in the middle allows you to select and move.
The ridges on the size turns and rotates the object
The itty bitty pencil allows you to edit text or you can simply double-click. To move around the screen left click, hold down, and drag wherever you want to go. Zoom in and out of the whole prezi using the buttons on the right. Let's keep moving! Create frames to group text. Insert images from a prezi gallery or your own pics. Here you can embed youtube videos directly! Here you can add organizational tools. And here you can add files. Here you can add shapes like arrows, lines and circles. Create paths to direct how your prezi will bounce around in a presentation. Where do I go from here? Change the theme of your prezi. Go to Theme Wizard to change font and colors manually. You can put a poll in your prezi where you can have students text in their answers! Here's a tutorial on how. It's easy:
1. Sign up with Polleverywhere.com
2. Create a poll.
3. Click Download for Prezi 4. Save as a flash object (.swf)
5. Go into Prezi, insert, and then File
6. Click the file.
7. It will be a GIANT shift and click to select the big white box and find a zebra in the corner.
8. Shrink and place into prezi! Ways Use Prezi as a Tool in the Elementary School Classroom Prezi can be used to create a living and breathing outline and concept map hybrid. And lastly use Prezi to embed youtube without ads and distractions. As a means of Assessment. So what do Prezi and puppies have in common? Both will get your students' attention, but I'd stick with the prezi of puppies. Let's learn more! roof! See that plus sign in the center of the screen? That's one way to add a frame. No Paths... Paths!!! Think you got that? Wanna Learn a new trick? Prezi now has the capability to fade in text. Watch below.... Hidden Frames help you show your audience exactly what you want them to see and helps with creating the pathway. BAMM!!! Cool Huh? Here's a puppy... Here's how. Make a frame hidden or otherwise with the title and text that you want to fade in. Go to Path. In this case it is frame 34. You should see a little shooting star. If you do not, this is because you don't have a frame picked. The fade in text only works within a selected frame. Make sure to add the frame as a point in your path. This will bring up the text fade window called the animation window. Clear fade in text settings for frame. Click on the words or pics you want to fade.It will show a green shooting star and a number order. Super Useful Preview Button. How to Exit. It can even be used to create digital Venn diagrams. Without ever having to worry about running out of space. Puppies Cute Cuddly Fun
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