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Busy Business

No description

sayed choudhury

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Busy Business

Sole traders
Sole traders is only run by one person for example your self. Also its easy to set up and its better for you to make your own money. sole trader can be a person starting from small business to big a business.

There are many advantages to be a sole trader:

- You will have your own money
- less hassle
- nothing to think about
- make your own decisions


- you cant share ideas
- if your in depth they can take your personal persuasion
- wont able to use other people money

Partnership can be more then 2-20 people in a business, partnership are small company like sole traders.

Advantages of partnership:

- Don't need a lot of money to start of
- share ideas
- Partner can take days of if needed
- share responsibility

Disadvantages of partnership:

- share profits
- might not have same ideas
- arguments
- hardly come in
Private limited company
Busy Business
Our company gives you information on type of businesses runs.

Partnership business can be more the 2 to 20 people working its not individual.

Sole traders is only run by one person so its less hassle and its your own so u make your own decisions

Private limited company is a company which is run by from family and friends but not the general company.


- banks will be willing to lend you more
-shares of only £2.00 needed to start ltd company
-they have limited identity but cant loose more then invested


- you have to publish accounts private limited company
- decisions about the business have to private limited company involve share holders
- All accounts have to be shown to share holders

Conner shop
This corner shop sole trader because the person in the shop works by his self so he gets his own money.
: the aims of the shop is to sell all the products and make a lot of profits. and not lose the business. The shops sells sweets, crisp, drinks and etc. Also the shop has one branch they have small size of scale, and they have one person who works there.

Mc Donald's
Mc Donald's is a own by a public limited company. Also Mc Donald's has so many branches around the world they all offer the same products such as burgers, fries, drinks and etc.
the aims of Mc Donald's is to sell all there food products and make a lot of money and make customer feel happy to come back.

International Supermarket

Public limited Company

Public limited company has a limited reliability. It allows general public to put in shares. Two or more people are required to form such a company.

The standard legal designation of a company which has offered shares to the general public and has limited liability

International supermarket is a partnership business the two brother share profits and they share ideas so they can have the business run. The aims of this supermarket is two sell all the products a make profits and make customers happy so they can come again. The size is that this shop only has 1 branch which is an median sized supermarket.

Apple store is a limited company they have many store world wild the shop sells various products such as mobile phones tablets and laptops
they want to sell all the products so they have a success business and they want to compete with other business. The aim of apple store is to sell all the products and make profits and compete with other businesses such as Samsung. The sizes in apple store has different branches around the world.

Apple store
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