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Painting vs Wallpapering (Math)

No description

Aaron Knestaut

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Painting vs Wallpapering (Math)

Paint 3 coats - 576'sq.x3=1728 ft sq. Labor Costs -Paint Wallpaper Dimensions - 18''x20' Totals Paint A math project by
Aaron Knestaut Painting
Wallpapering Paint Wallpaper Labor Supplies Additional
Items Cost $35 $23 -Wallpaper Charges $16.00 an hour Charges about $12.00 an hour Estimates about 20 hours Estimates about 20 hours 12x20=240 $240 16x20=320 $320 $240 $320 $259.80 $79.95 $354.95 $602.80 Surface Area of the Walls (21x8)x2=336 ft (15x8)x2=240 ft 336+240=576 576 ft sq. 1 gallon of paint - $15.99 1 gallon of paint covers 350 ft sq. 1728/350=4.9 - round up - 5 Painting the room will take 5 gallons of paint 5x15.99=79.95 $79.95 18''=1.5' 20x1.5=30 Area of roll - 30 ft sq. 576/30=19.2 -round up- 20 20 rolls of wallpaper Cost of one roll - $12.99 20x12.99=259.8 $259.80 Wallpaper $320 $259.80 $23 $79.95 $35 $240 $354.95 $602.80 + +
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