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Technology of the future.


Charlie Halewood

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Technology of the future.

Gadget Mad.
Make Sure Your Locked Up!
Half way through the car journey and you forget to switch a light of or lock a door. well just text your house via car. its the easiest way instead going back!
Remember, this all sounds good but will they all work?
From face detection to locking doors via car, Can we trust them? Will they work how we want them to? What if the car has no signal and cant send a message quick enough to your house? What if the face detection locks you out as it doesn't reconise you.
You have come here to find out about technology in the future right? Well thats great, follow on.
Well have you seen what they are planning in the future?
You have heard about
new gadgets coming out over the years?!
New Gadgets.
Here are some ideas of what the future gadgets are going to be used for.
Robots: To help the elderly get there medication
without having to move.
Face detection: An easier way to get into your house,
keys free.
I phone table: Easier to show people your pictures and an enjoyable way to express yourself.
There Is No Point Walking
Say if you were on a night out and you wanted to walk into a walm house when you get home. but theres one problem, you forgot to switch the heating on before you left. well technology can sort that! You can download an app and set your heating on from your smartphone.
Next, are you feeling hungry but dont know whats in for tea? Now you can get your fridge to send you a text message. While your on the way from work it will text you what you need to make your chosen meal.
What if?
You can also text your kettle to make a cup of tea. so by the time you get downstairs the kettle will be boiled ready for you to drink. You can also charge your phone using the kettle.
Websites i used :)
Google Images
BBC News
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