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No description

Elexicia Carter

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Friends

Building up a stronger friendship
Be Slow To Judge
Don't judge someone by the way they look

Be Inclusive
Don't be rude and not include people that want to be included.
Your Choice
Don't have to be
Pros of Being Popular
Good Grades
Everyone knows you
Kind to others
Don't abuse it
your highly accepted
Cons of Being Popular
Peer Pressure
Verbal abuse
Long/Short Term Effects
Psychological Inabilities
Unrealistic Expectations
Suicidal Thoughts
Physical Characteristics people judge you by.
When it comes to competition, you can either be the loser or the winner.

Sometimes, there is winners with friends or winners without friends.

How do you have competition without losing your friends in the process?
Don't judge by these
This is where you judge, get to know them and see if they have what you like>
Activities you can include people in
When playing a game invite others you may not know to join
Always be nice and kind to others in group events
Play with people and join in on activities they may be doing
Lend a hand to them with their projects or work
When you succeed in something, you usually don't take into account what your friends are feeling.
Usually they will be jealous or happy for you. Sometimes they will get depressed, and at times they will avoid you.
Peer Pressure
Always hear them out
Listen to them
Let them in on a conversations
In work groups always be aware of your coworkers thoughts and feelings
Let them be a part of it and feel accepted
Don't exclude them
They could be cool
They could know a lot about the topic at hand
They may know something very relevant and important to the topic
Being older, means more power and freedom
Choices will be made on hard questions
Drugs, alcohol, sex, attitudes, interests, actions and other decision have a basic answers but with complex outcomes and consequences
The next time you win something, share the glory. If they are in competition, help them so that they can win as well.
Don't brag about winning. Most people don't appreciate braggers. Just be friendly about it and that will be the ultimate win.
Correct Answer
Don't always win. Lose sometimes so that your friends can have the glory.
Whenever you lose a competition, ask your friends for help if they succeeded.
Don't make excuses. Don't complain.
Succeeding Together
The main point is as long as it's your choice and only your choice, you made the "correct" choice. Even if it wasn't really a good idea, if no one persuaded you to do it and it was fully your choice, it was the "correct" choice.
If you are in a team, then work as a team.
explain to your friend how teamwork works if they do not know how to work in teams.
The key points in teamwork is to help each other out, always ask questions, and be friendly toward each other.
The best way to view competition is to think win-win situations. Competition doesn't mean that you and your friends win every competition, but rather you make the best of the outcome with your friends.
Feeling left out is pretty bad, not as bad as being really left out of a group.
Including people in groups is very essential, especially for someone who has been left out for so long...
The main issue is that many are influence by other
Friends, family, media, beliefs, information, are examples of how people are influenced by the choices that can change their life.
Include people in the activities that you are doing. When you do that, they are more than likely to include you in their groups.
Peer Pressure Intro
"Everyone does it"
"Nothing bad will go wrong"
"If you're cool, you'd do it"
"Chicken", "Loser" ,"Pansy", "Wuss"
The "Right" Choice
Friends that make you happy
inspire you to do to the best
always take your side
trust you in everything
won't talk behind your back
Friends that take you down
Depress you at times
Don't push you to do your best
Force you into things you don't want to do (peer pressure)
Spread rumors about you
Would turn on you when things get thick
Include your friends in general conversations
Hopefully they'd include you

Side Friends
Friends that don't know much about you
You don't know much about them
Hopefully they will see you as a good influence.
What's a friend???
They don't always what is going to happen between you two.
They can't read your mine.
They can't satisfy you every time.
They have motions
they go through paks and valleys
they can get depressed toto
they change as you get older
they will meet new people
they get jealous as well
they meet a girl or boy they like and might not pay as much attention to you
Trust, Building, & Deteriorating
They are human!!!
mistakes are made
jealousy is natural
emotions are triggered
feelings are crushed
we are all human
o Loyalty
o Don’t lie
o Keep secrets
o Don’t gossip about them
o Help them
o Talk good of them

o Tell of their good work ethics
o Tell of accomplishments and how they’ve helped you
o Build their support and peoples thoughts of them

o Gossip about them
o Tell secrets
o Lie
o Back stab them
o Turn on them
o Talk bad of them
o Anything you could possibly do negative towards them would destroy the friendship

These are the key components that will affect a relationship. Trust and building are the building blocks of a relationship, but deteriorating will ruin your friendship.
Being insecure is perfectly fine, but inch your way away from your insecurities and out of your comfort zone
Self-Vs. Other
o Don’t be obnoxious
o Let others talk
o Don’t dominate the conversation
o Don’t take everything as a joke or too serious

Self-Vs. Self
o Clean up after yourself
o Don’t lie
o Don’t be too hard on yourself
o Give yourself a break

Don't cling
Your friend usually has other friends as well as you
Don't always make it all about you
friends get jealous of your accomplishments
the like to succeed as well as you do
succeed together
Let them win sometimes to make them feel better
When you win share your glory and succession with them, not against them
Mistakes are always going to be made
you need to realize they might be going through a tough time and they could potentially irritate you
forgive them for their mistakes
sometimes they're not thinking straight
help them fix the mistake and make it better for the both of you
Confront them and talk and hopefully you'll make up
*All pictures are found through Prezi Except
Insecurites- Happy Days "Alone and Cold" demo cover cropped
Inclusion- SCMRPG Screenshot
Peer Pressure- Minor Threat "Out of Step" album cropped
By Carlos Maltez, Caleb Jones, Fernando Hernandez, Elexicia Carter, Terra Stanley, Heather McClammrock, Connor Cornelison
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