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How did World War One Become a Total War?

Propaganda Time!

Meghan Rilley

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of How did World War One Become a Total War?

Propaganda Time! How did World War One Become a Total War? Today's Objectives: Summing Up --Explain why WWI became a total war
--Discuss the role of women in the war
--Define propaganda.
Discuss how governments use it.
--Define : when a nation devotes all of its
resources into the war effort
--Due to the stalemate and long war,
nations realized they needed to put
everything into ending the war.
--Gov’ts raised taxes and took loans
--Food and other war products were
rationed (limited portions)
Total War: --Women took over men’s jobs in
factories and fields.
--Some women joined military as nurses.
--In general, women held things together
on the home front.
Total War: Role of Women --Define: the spreading of ideas to promote
a cause or to damage an opposing cause
--Propaganda can be used to control
public opinion.
--Gov’ts used propaganda to strengthen
support for the war effort Total War: Propaganda World War One lacked movement and continued with to end in sight for Europe. The leaders and the
people wanted to see an end to this brutal war. To
make that happen, countries devoted everything they
had to the war effort. Women took on the roles of
men who were fighting on the front. Propaganda
ministers churned out posters and newsreels designed to garner support for the war and bring about its
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