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Putting the A in STEAM

No description

CM Ites

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Putting the A in STEAM

Putting the A in STEAM
Why Arts?
STEM movement has pushed for greater scientific and mathematical literacy nation-wide

Division is often seen between 'hard' and 'soft' sciences

Inclusion of Arts shows how STEM can manifest itself in a variety of ways, allowing students to utilize plasticity of brain in learning and retaining information
How to choose?
Review of Core Math and NGSS - what necessary skills are consistently reviewed?

Curriculum change and the problems of acceleration: holes in instruction

Teacher feedback on skills advanced kids need to further develop
District Support - JCSD
Creativity & Innovation

Discovery & Exploration

Personal Connections &

Student Learning &
Administration Support
Administration review of content and instruction

Flipped classroom - student choice and Blogger

Web-based interactives and low-tech solutions

Creativity of mind, creativity of spirit: Seymour Papert's mathematical theory of learning through play
Brain reseach shows that individuals build neural networks when students apply meaning to learned content and create understandings (Sousa & Tomlinson, Differentiation and the Brain, 2011: pp.52-55)

Student choice combined with desire to see HOW STEM IMPACTS GREATER WORLD fosters creativity & discovery grounded in STEM but found in the ARTS

further resources: colleen.ites@johnston.k12.ia.us,
Low-tech Content
The Art of Color - Visible spectrum, Color-blindness, and how color impacts the emotional & visible response to art
Arts and Sciences in
Gifted Instruction

Colleen Ites
Summit Middle School
Johnston, IA

Meeting ground between Art & STEM: Fractals
Fractals (repeating mathematical patterns or sets): Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Spiral, Julia Set, Mandelbrot Set, Sierpinski Triangle
Flipped Instruction: Blogger
Uses School Google Domain - students in safe posting environment.
Springboard for concepts / ideas
Collaborative and cooperative - students learn new information, blog with peers to further comprehend information, and shares new knowledge whole-group
Student collaboration
Further Expansion: Symmetry and Phi
Math Impacts Art of the Eye: Perspective
Web Interactives and Creativity
Hands-On Geometry and Planes:
Origami and Kirigami
* student choice, create two of each chosen form
(one showing angles, one showing form)
* magazine pages are excellent 'practice' sheets
* kirigami shows impact of changing plane
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