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SpringBoard ELA Level 1 Activity 3.11

No description

Anna Marie Garrett

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of SpringBoard ELA Level 1 Activity 3.11

Chapter 7 Gallery Walk Re-read Chapter 7 (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Activity 3.11 Visualizing the Subplot We will read Chapter 7 aloud. Read Literary Terms on the bottom of p 225. What do you notice about the formatting in the book between the plot and the flashback (subplot)? Read Academic Vocabulary on p 225. Answer number 1 on p 225. What is a myth? CollinsWorld English Dictionary
myth (mɪθ)

— n
1. a. a story about superhuman beings of an earlier age taken by preliterate society to be a true account, usually of how natural phenomena, social customs, etc, came into existence For number 2 on p 225 list in chronological order (in order according to time) the major events in Elya Yelnats life from the subplot. Create symbols to represent these major events. On the large paper that your team has been given draw a timeline, draw and color your symbols where they belong on the timeline. EVERY person in your team MUST contribute to the symbolic timeline. Post your team's timeline on the wall. Form new teams with one person from each of the original teams on the new team. The new teams will rotate clockwise around the room. When your new team is at the timeline that you worked on, you as the expert, will explain the timeline that you worked on. When your new team has seen all of the timelines you will return to your desk where you will fully answer all parts of number 3 on p 225 in at least six complete sentences. Tonight for homework you will re-read Chapters 1 - 7.
Make sure your double-entry journal and Stanley journal are up to date.
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