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Summer Data Entry

No description

Academic Scheduling

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of Summer Data Entry

Summer Data Entry

Getting Started
Running Reports, Reviewing your Proof & Making Changes

Recent Updates
Effective Summer 2016 (201504):

Summer term will run for a total of 12 weeks!

Sequence courses should follow a 4/4/4 model.

There will no longer be any scheduled final exams for POT A8 & E4

Self Support or Academic Extension
Self Support courses and all related data entry is done by the Academic Extension Office

Laura Sufka
Sonja Faust

NEW! Part of Term Generator
What else?
After you have chosen your POT, there are a few other things to take care of...
Editing Existing Courses
Changing an existing part of term. Be sure to follow these steps in order

1. Delete instructor info or change session indicator from 01 to 99 & Save
2. Delete existing meeting days/times & Save
3. Change the existing Part of Term & Save
4. Re-enter meeting days/times and instructor info
Save the Date
These dates can be found on our Production Calendar
Call or email us with any questions. We are here to help
Step 1
Run Your Schedule Proof
Step 2
Delete Courses
Delete those courses that have rolled over from the past year that you will NOT be offering this year. A simple Record Remove or Shift +F6 will accomplish this.
Step 3
Make Changes to Existing Courses & Add New Ones
Parts of Term become important in this step. Lets take a look at how parts of term work in the summer
Start and End Dates
The POT dates may differ from the actual start date of your course.

The days of the week are also shown to help clarify the first meeting of the class
Manipulating POT dates
This is NOT recommended
Summer Finals
Effective Summer 2016 (201504) all courses are expected to administer their final exam on the last day of class.

The Academic Scheduling Office will no longer schedule exams for courses meeting in POT A8 & E4
Assigning Spaces
Enter all department controlled spaces into Banner

Enter TBA whenever a general pool space is NOT needed

Enter Scheduler Preferences when a general pool space IS needed
Additional Forms
SSADETL: Review all fees

SSARRES: Review and edit all course restrictions

SWASBIN: Check department header and footnotes. Report changes to Academic Scheduling
More POT facts...
Traditional Parts of Term start Mon. & end Sun
Selecting a POT
The start date determines the letter
Data Entry Dates & Deadlines
Scheduling materials available NOV 6
Complete data entry by JAN 12
Closed for changes JAN 16-FEB 21 to assign rooms to all courses
Final changes due MAR 7
Schedule live MAR 9

Summer Info Online

Initial Registration Open MAY 7-11
Summer Term Begins
Zero Week Courses JUNE 18

First Week of Summer JUNE 25

Summer Term Ends SEPT 16
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Parts of Term
The duration of the course determines the number
Individualized Study Courses use the Part of Term Code of IS
Weekend POT's start Th & end Sun
A4 E4 A8
POT dates determine:
Refunds & Penalties
Add/Drop Deadlines

Course meeting times in the summer should follow zone protocol as much as possible
Meeting Times
Additional Training Available contact Scheduling for specific dates.
All trainings held in Oregon Hall Rm 211
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