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The pH of Beano

No description

joey Hustins

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The pH of Beano

The Best pH for Beano By: Joey Hustins + Kurt Slates - pH Paper
- 7 plastic Cups
- Beano
- Beans
- Sulfuric acid
- Sodium Hydroxide
- Paper Towel
- Glucose Test Strips What is the best pH for beano? Procedure 1. Get 7 plastic cups

2. Fill all 7 cups with 10ml of beans

3. Then, in 6 of the cups, put 10 drops of beano

4. In the 7th cup, put 10 drops of water

5. For 3 of the plastic cups, put 4 drops, then 8 drops, and then 12 drops of sulfuric acid in the cups to test for acid

6. Test using test strips... Conclusion Materials Question THE END Hypothesis We think that the best pH for Beano will be a pH of 8, 9, or 10 because we think that the beano is a base, but not a strong base, which means it's weak. Errors? No errors occurred during our lab Chart Acidic Neutral Basic Procedure 7. Now, in 3 more cups, put 4 drops in one, 8 drops in another, and then 12 drops in the last cup of Sodium Hydroxide

8. Test by using test strips

9. Record data found by testing The purpose of doing this lab was to understand how to test certain substances for different things. We used pH paper to determine what the best pH for beano is. For our data, we found that every one of the cups had a negative amount of glucose except for the 4 drops of acid, the 8 drops of base, and the 6 drops of the base. The 4 drops of sulfuric acid had an amount of 100, and so did the 6 drops of the sodium hydroxide. The 8 drops of sodium hydroxide had an amount of 250. We've concluded that 11 is the best pH for beano. Our hypothesis was that we thought the best pH for beano was going to be in between 8 and 10. The actual best pH is 11, so we reject our hypothesis. Background Information - Beano is an enzyme dietary supplement.

- It is used to reduce gas in the digestive tract.

- It helps improve digestion, and reduces bloating and discomfort.

Background Info -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beano_(dietary_supplement) Pictures Websites Used Beano Picture - http://cdn.betterlife.com/dbimages/7769.jpg pH Paper Picture - http://images.dharmatrading.com/images/eng/products/250/php-1.jpg Sodium Hydroxide - http://www.green-planet-solar-energy.com/images/sodium-hydroxide.gif Sulfuric Acid - http://www.green-planet-solar-energy.com/images/sulfuric-1.jpg Cups - http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/234490206/Small_measuring_cup_plastic_cup
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