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Were vikings barbarians????

No description

Aisha Caynab

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Were vikings barbarians????

Vikings Didn't Really Fit the definition of a barbarian

A lot of people thought vikings were barbarians but our thoughts are different..
We thought vikings weren't barbarians because they were organized, educated, craftsmen, farmers, had beliefs and much more. Another example could be their rights and laws. Women could divorce and own land. They also had an organized law system that helped control the community.
Vikings were not 100% good.
They would kill women and children, burn towns, raide villages, and attacked the wealthy. Although a barbarian would do some of these things that the vikings did, they also wouldn't do some of the other things vikings did.
Were Vikings Barbarians????
So it sounds like vikings were really good right? Well actually they weren't the best either...
Barbarians were considered un educated, brutal, nomadic and violent, but were vikings all these things?
Vikings Weren't
Really Who We Thought They Were
In Our Opinion Vikings Weren't Barbarians
Although Vikings were violent, they also had many characteristics that made them civilized. Vikings weren't nomadic as they had homes and families that they cared about. Vikings didn't share all the same identities as a barbarian. Therefore, we think Vikings were not barbarians.
Thanks for Watching! Here are the sources we used
~Social Studies Textbook
~Back to Basics: The Vikings, 2008, Mcrae Books

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