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tarek Al Bsat

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of ADCOOP

My First Year With ADCOOP No Coverage Previous Situation 11% Distribution TRANSMED IS BACK Mohamad Ali Kamal Tarek Bsat Abed Shakour Distribution Abu Dhabi Economy Next Steps Agenda ADH Economy Previous Situation Back On Track Distribution GFMOT ADCOOP YTD Business Next Steps 2012 Listings:
Promotions 2011 2012 41 SKUs 296 SKUs 2011 2012 39 Promotions 70 Promotions Pringles:21/39 Increased 1000+ Facings Cross Merchandising & 1 2 3 4 1 Block for Dr.Oetker B&D in Mall & Meena Muroor Branch Project Cat-Man for Baby Milk in Muroor & Buteen 90% Distribution in Q4 Distribution Index:722 Distribution Index: 179 Thank You Before After Before After Meena ADCOOP YTD Business Brand’s Performance Abu Dhabi Market COOPs Performance Transmed Food Business Regular Vs Promo 80% Distribution 2012 Vision 100% Distribution ADCOOP Business Update Sales Trend Category Performance YTD Business Update
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