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Being an EVS Mentor

No description

Emelie Hofland

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Being an EVS Mentor

When you're becoming an EVS Mentor
EVS Mentor in 8 steps
1) Contact before arrival.
Contact on facebook or e-mail and exchanging phone numbers is a good way to make the volunteer feel more secured.

2) The Actual Arrival.
Arriving for the first time in Lodz all alone might be somewhat overwhelming.

Therefore it is good to have the mentor there at the moment the volunteer arrives so she or he will feel more comfortable.
3) New in the city.
It is very important to be with the volunteer in the beginning, the volunteer will...

... need time to adjust
... not know many people
... not exactly know where to go

At this time it is great to have a mentor that you can meet up with and talk to.

Where to go for shopping?
How to check the tram/bus timetable?
First of all:
Who is a mentor?
"The mentor provides personal support to volunteer(s) and help(s) with the integration in the local community. The volunteer(s) may turn to the mentor in case of problems"

7) Official role of the mentor.
The mentor is very important in the EVS process. In case of problems the volunteer will come to the mentor first.

8) A great experience.
Not only the volunteer can learn a lot from the mentor, but the other way around as well! It is a great opportunity to come into touch with new culture and share experiences or learn or practice a new language...
4) Nie mówię po polsku.
Basic things like shopping in the supermarket can become tricky when you have no idea what you are buying.

What is the role of the Mentor?
6) Polish rules and customs.
So many things that volunteers might know in the beginning! As a mentor you can guide your volunteer to stay out of trouble :)
the volunteer to meet his or her objectives
Supports and encourages
learning and development
Listens and advices
as the volunteer explores and reacts to the dilemmas in the work place and community environment

What to expect


Host organisation

Sending organisation

National agency
A mentor is...
A guide
A wise and trusted friend
A good listener, someone who cares
Someone to help the volunteer get where he or she wants to go
A mentor is not...
A surrogate parent
A therapist
A chauffeur
"What should I pack?"
"Is it really that cold?"
Every volunteer is different!
5) Inside tips from the locals.
Lodz is a place full of hidden treasures! You only have to know where to find them.

Secondhand shops with 1 zloty deals, free museum visiting days, Manufaktura, the best places to eat/go for a drink…
How do you use the bus?
What exactly is legal/illegal in Poland?
What to expect when you are visiting Polish people for dinner?
When is dinner time in Poland?
How strict is the police?
Become a Mentor!
Become a Star!
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