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Career Shadowing

my day at PEFCU publix credit union

Rachel Sanchez

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing its like any other bank! They give loans,money, what ever you need to do! THEY HAVE IT! In this job you have a dress code. Just like us! HOW WONDERFUL! Its a bank! They get around 8 dollars per hour!
Thats like about $320.00 They use alot of tech-nol-ogy! they mostly use microsoft! for example:exel,word,powerpoint, and any other ones you can think of! (: SKILLS You need alot of knowledge. And Good Communication!
i would never do a career like this!
because i dislike math! But i love money! The only best thing there was lunch!
because we went to this cuban resturant! yummy!(: There was nothing else i really liked.
You just sat at a desk. Picking up the fone. okay that was my presentation of my day at the PEFCU!
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