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Verbs and Moods

No description

Kristin Flater

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Verbs and Moods

Indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and subjunctive moods. Verbs and Moods Imperative Mood Some verbs are in the imperative mood, which expresses commands or requests. Though it is not stated, the understood subject of imperative sentences is you.

Indicative Mood Most verbs we use are in the indicative mood, which indicates a fact or opinion. Interrogative Mood Some verbs are in the interrogative mood, meaning they are use to request information or action. Verbs He was here.

I am hungry.

She will bring her books. Examples:
•Be here at seven o'clock. (Understood: You be here at seven o'clock.)
•Cook me an omelet. (Understood: You cook me an omelet.)
•Bring your books with you. (Understood: You bring your books with you.)
Will you leave me alone?

Do you like to watch TV?

How long will this last? Conditional Mood Indicating a conditional state that will cause something else to happen. The bomb might explode if I jiggle that switch.

The bomb could explode if you jiggle that switch.

The conditional is marked by the words might, could, and would. Subjunctive Mood Indicating a hypothetical state, a state contrary to reality, such as a wish, a desire, or an imaginary situation If I were a butterfly, I would have wings."

You sneezed! God bless you.

I suggest that you show up on time.
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