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They Did Not Expect This.

No description

Daniel Edmonds

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of They Did Not Expect This.

They Did Not Expect This. By Vernon Scannell What does the title make you think of?
What do you think the poem is about? They did not expect this. Being neither wise nor brave
And wearing only the beauty of youth's season
They took the first turning quite unquestioningly
And walked quickly without looking back even once. What do you think this line means? How would you describe the couple? It was of course the wrong turning. First they were nagged
By a small wind that tugged at their clothing like a dog;
Then the rain began and there was no shelter anywhere,
Only the streets and the rows of houses stern as soldiers. What does this word make you think of? What does this simile suggest? What is happening in this stanza?
What does it suggest is happening in their relationship? Though the blood chilled, the endearing word burnt the tongue.
There were no parks or gardens or public houses:
Midnight settled and the rain paused leaving the city
Enormous and still like a great sleeping seal. At last they found accommodation in a cold
Furnished room where they quickly learnt to believe in ghosts;
They had their hope stuffed and put on the mantelpiece
But found, after a while, that they did not notice it. What is this line saying? What does endearing mean? Endearing= Inspiring affection or warm sympathy What do these places represent? What does this line suggest? What do you think this simile could mean? What are the differences Between a House and a Home? House Home What do you associate with Marriage? Marriage What is happening in their relationship at this point? Does this sound like a house or a home? What does this suggest? What do you think the ghosts are? What is meant by the last two lines in this stanza? While she spends many hours looking in the bottoms of teacups
He reads much about association football
And waits for the marvelous envelope to fall:
Their eyes are strangers and they rarely speak.
They did not expect this. What did they not expect? Why is she looking in teacups? What is he waiting for? What are they both doing in this final stanza?
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