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Weaknesses of the Confederate States of America

Description of the weaknesses of the CSA during the Civil War

Dawn Walker

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Weaknesses of the Confederate States of America

By Natalie Walker and Kara McHouell Weaknesses of the Confederate States of America 1. The Economy -The greatest weakness of the Confederacy -Breakdown in the railroads 3. No Foreign Aid -South depended partially on Britain for money -Not as many factories to produce needed goods as there were in the North -Contributed to shortages of shoes, uniforms, and blankets -South only had 8.3% of the total factories in the US 2. Lack of a Good Transportation Network -Caused widespread hunger because food could not be distributed -Britain had too much cotton from the South -South lost income from Britain 4. No Effective Central Command System -President Jefferson Davis wanted to make all military decisions by himself -He waited until the end of the war to create the position of general in chief, but it was too late by then. 5. Revenue Tax System -States' rights advocates weren't willing to collect federal taxes -The tax system only produced 1% of the government's income 6. Lack of Manpower -By 1864, there were not enough men to fight in the war -Conscription was enacted but it was not liked -In 1864 to 1865, there were 100,000 desertions. -No uniform currency -States, the federal government, and banks all printed their own money -Prices rose 9,000% because of inflation Picture Sources http://about.hm.com/content/hm/AboutSection/en/About/Sustainability/Commitments/Use-Resources-Responsibly/Raw-Materials/Cotton.html




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