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Je me présente

Introduction to my classes at St Paul's 2011

Fiona Boughey

on 30 January 2011

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Transcript of Je me présente

Bienvenue ! MOI FRANÇAIS TOI SALLE DE CLASSE In this class the learning is:
Rigorous - you will enjoy the challenge
Fun - you will do many interesting activities
Creative - you can explore your personal style and discover many ways to do things
Techie - you will see that there is a multitude of web tools that help you learn
Organised - you can rest assured that everything is under control! WHY? France is a real place. Learning the language means you can:
communicate with Francophones (French speakers)
explore a new culture - the history, lifestyle and beliefs in French-speaking communities
investigate a wider range of job opportunities - many employers value employees with a second language
have a better understanding of English
plus a whole lot more! Qui suis-je? Passionate about France
Teacher for 10 years
Love new technology and being creative
Organised, firm but fair
Addicted to coffee
Live in Mosman
Engaged Want to learn and work hard to achieve your goals
Try your best at all activities and enjoy yourself
Ask questions and reflect on your learning
Respect others and the learning environment
Stay organised with bookwork, homework and assessments
Think creatively
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