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Oxygen and Carbon dioxide Cycle

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risa lopez

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide Cycle

Lesson Plan in Science II
At the end of the lesson students are expected to:

1. Identify the gas needed
by plants and animals
2. Trace the flow of gases
between plants and animals
3. Recognize the importance
of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide cycle

A. Subject Matter: Oxygen and Carbon dioxide cycle.
1. Concept:
a. Both oxygen and carbon dioxide flow through the living organism and in the environment in a cyclic manner.
b. An exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs between plants and animals and environment as a result of photosynthesis in plants and respiration in both plants and animals.
2. Process Skills: Identifying, Tracing
3. Value Focus: Recognizing the importance of oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle.
B. References: Science and Technology I, pp. 155-156
Biological Science pp. 161-165
C. Materials: Puzzles, pictures, paper strips, pen, activity sheets.

A. Pre-Activity

1. Unlocking of difficult terms

• Oxygen- is the third most abundant element in earth that
needed to sustain life as it is used in respiration.
• Carbon Dioxide- is a heavy gas needed by plants in order
to process the photosynthesis
• Cycle- is a period of time for series repeated events.
• Respiration- is the process of breathing, the taking in of
oxygen and releasing of carbon dioxide.
• Photosynthesis- is the process by which plant manufacture
their own food through the presence of sunlight.
• Glucose- is the end product of photosynthesis and also
known as simple sugar.

2. Motivation

• Class can we live for one day without food?
• How about for five hours without water?

• But can we live for one hour?

3. Presentation

• Every living thing needs air in order to live. So in our succeeding activity we will found out what kind of gases are needed by plants and animals and how are these gases important to living organism.

1. Analysis

• What gas is needed by animals?
• What gas is needed by plants?
• What gas is given off by animals?
• What gas is given off by plants?
• What happened to the CO2 given off by animals?
• Why do plants need carbon dioxide?

• Aside from the carbon dioxide what the other requirements of plants for photosynthesis.

• When do plants make food or process photosynthesis?
• How about during night time, what gas is taken in by plants?
• Why do plants take in oxygen during night time?

2. Abstractions
• Why do plants need Oxygen?
• Why do animals need oxygen?
• Describe the flow of gases between plants and animals.

3. Application
• What will happen if there are no more plants in the environment?
• What will be done to have enough supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

4. Value Integration
• What is the importance of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in the environment?
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