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Copy of Template: Reveal a new perspective

Using one large image

nicolas mango

on 31 October 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Template: Reveal a new perspective

Bluewater Port
Hair Bare Team How to achieve the objectives? New Layout for RTG
Deeper berth (15ms) we started from here Objectives: Commercial Strategy 5 Years Plan Strategies Infrastructure So.... 30 Team "Hair Bare" Fulfill concession Agreement targets capacity 4,000,000 TEU’s and handled 2,000,000 Container in 2015
Development terminal with focused in Container Operation to handled large Container vessels (350) and depth berth alongside 15md
Prefered container terminal of the region for the shipping lines and shippers consignees.
Increased focus on a safety Operation (0 fatalities) Stop ops Break Bulk & Dry Bulk in 2011/notes of termination (June 2011)
Increase Gate operating days from 5 to 7
Maintain Tariffs 2011-2015
Increase free days for T/S
Decrease free days for MTs
Identify Top Ten Customer of our Customers to develop win-win relationship offering special agreement and tailormade services within infrastructure available (CFS and train) Operation Strategy Port Development
Improve Productivity
Implement TOS (incresease ops effincency, minimize innefficient moves)
Increase yard productivity w/RTG ops
Increase Gates opening hours
HR - Safety Reassign employee and training RTG operators
Full FRS Audit
Meeting with Audit and Sr . Management to provide feedback and recomendations
Setting up of Safety team
Implement Audit findings and plan training schedule
Appoint safety Reps. from work force
Commence training of work force and Implementation of new FRS std

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