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Library matters

No description

Helen Hooper

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Library matters


Information Literacy Classes
New/Additional Resources
Get in touch
Check your current readings from the Readings & Past Exam Papers link on the library homepage

Add & Archive readings:

You will need to submit new requests via the Library's Reserve Online form. Use the Reserve Online for Academic Staff link. You can submit lists.

You will be notified via email when the item is available in Reserve Online.

Once the item is available in Reserve Online, you can link it to your LearnJCU subject site.
Get assistance with resource discovery for subjects. If developing new assignments, check with your liaison librarian to ensure that sufficient resources are available for the number of students undertaking the subject.

Plan ahead: place orders for any new library resources for teaching or research as soon as possible.

Consider whether print copies are required for both Townsville and Cairns campus libraries OR if an ebook edition is available.

Advise the University Bookshop of prescribed and recommended texts that will be required by students.

Use the library's online purchase request form to request new material for teaching and research
Contact your liaison librarian to organise subject-specific training, tutorials and resources to coincide with lectures and tutorials in relation to assignment topics.

Encourage students to attend Library & LTSE generic face-to-face training sessions.

Refer students to their subject LibGuides.
Liaison librarians
Special collections librarian
Research services librarian
Chat service

One Search - books, ebooks, journal articles,
print & online resources
Subject readings & past exam papers (Reserve Online repository
LibGuides - discipline (e.g. education), subject specific (e.g. BA1001) & generic guides (e.g. Referencing & EndNote)
Research Online - upload your research output
Useful Tools
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