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Internal Drives

No description

Stephanie Anacleto

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Internal Drives

Emile Durkheim
Freud and the Role of Instincts in Human Development
Internal Drives
Organic Specialization and Anomie
In the late 1800s, Durkheim studied how people where able to know the difference between right and wrong. When people are unclear of the norms in society, they may experience a state of anomie.
Organic Specialization: a group of specialized people working together to create a larger functioning organism.
Two people may view the same situation in 2 different ways. People have a their own understanding of things based on their personal experiences.
According to Freud, human motivation can be dominated by 2 major instincts, eros and thanatos.
when people in society are unclear of social norms and not sure how to behave accordingly.
In a workplace, this means there is often a weak bond between workers because they work independently.
Social norms may be unclear because there is little social interaction amongst workers. It can be difficult to adjust to social life. Conflict and deviance may take place as a result.
What motivates you?
Sigmund Freud
Our thoughts and motivations (conscious or unconscious) help explain how we interpret the world and react to certain situations.
EROS: the creative life force or sexual drive that increases body tension.
THANATOS: the destructive force; the death drive.
Both these drives are powered by the libido.
Conscious and Unconscious
Human consciousness can be divided into 3 parts: the id, ego, and superego.
Id - acts out of impulse and does not consider the long-term consequences.
Ego - controls your most immediate thoughts and behaviours and is most in touch with reality.
Superego - seeks perfection and controls our sense of guilt and right and wrong. Often the opposite of the id.
Defense Mechanisms
The Unconscious and Drives -- Instinct
Fight or Flight: What would you do in certain situations?
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