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10 9/17

No description

erika steinger

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of 10 9/17

10 9/17
Asking Questions
What types of questions lead to the best discussions?
Give examples
Generating Questions
Why do we do it?
Generating Questions
DOK Wheel
Generating Questions
Do Now
Copy down the Unit and Lesson EQs
Respond to the following prompt:
Imagine that you have a crush on someone and want to talk to them. How do you keep the conversation going?
Thursday, September 17th
Little Boys at Play
Follow along silently
Consider possible questions for discussion
Focus question: How have community values impacted the author's identity?
Reread the text independently
Annotate the text by underlining the important ideas: consider author's purpose
Use prior knowledge to generate questions
Generating Questions
What do we do?
Turn and Talk
Turn to your partner to discuss your response to the Do Now
Imagine that you have a crush on someone and want to talk to them. How do you keep the conversation going?
Imagine that you are new to a neighborhood.
You finally make a friend, but your parents tell you to stop hanging out with him/her and you don't know why.
What would you do?
Stop and Jot
Do these questions have anything in common?
What is the purpose of generating questions?
How can identifying the purpose help us to create the questions?
What skills can we use when reading a text?
when can we do it?
When can we generate questions about a text?
How do we do it?
Use your knowledge of the topic or author to make connections
Question the author's purpose or choices
Question a character's motives
stop and jot
Which level of questioning makes for the best discussions? Explain.
HW: Vocabulary and IR book
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