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emily godoy

on 5 June 2013

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Commas Items in a Series Introductory Phrases or Clauses Separate two or more adjective that modify the same noun Direct Quotes AAAWWUBBIS Commands Nouns Ex. She is a beautiful, intelligent girl. Separate two clauses if an AAAWWUUBBIS word is used to start a sentence. The following are AAAWWUBBIS words: As
Since Use a comma if you are saying what another person said. Use a comma to set off names in direct address. Use commas to set off years in full dates, titles in names, and regions. Exit Ticket Do Now On a separate sheet of paper, write everything you know about comma rules. Keep the sheet of paper to take notes. When listing three or more items, separate each item with a comma. Ex. Mary went to the store to buy milk, eggs, and bacon. Ex. To raise enough money in time, Mary sold all of her shoes. Use a comma to separate dependent clauses from independent clauses. Ex. If you want to go out and party, you have to do your homework first. Ex. Kevin said, "I'm finna to steal off you!" Ex. Would you please be quiet, Lupe? Ex. January 2nd, 1996, Bill Clinton, President of the USA, paid a visit to Chicago, Illinois. Worksheet
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