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Alphabet Book Project


Robin Acob

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Alphabet Book Project

How did the blueberry industry get started?Where and why they grow well in Washington?

Robin Acob
Sam Agapov
The blueberry industry was started over 50 years ago because of the high demand for blueberries . The demand for blueberries in Washington state started going up very quickly and this contributed a lot to farmers in washington because that meant they could make even more blueberry crops and eventually have a very succesful buisness.Washingtons Blueberries grow mostly in eastern area of washington and they grow well here ''because of diverse climates and rich soils'',Blueberries are very suitable for the eastern washingtons climates.
Where did the apple industry get started in Washington State?
Card #1
Washington Apples
Washington is in the top ten leading producers of blueberries in the united states.
According to bestapples.com, "The apple industry got started in 1826 when the first settlers that came to Washington discovered that the rich soil and the sunshine was perfect for growing apples. The climate was also helpful for growing apples since there would be less insects and disease problems which made the smooth finish on the apples." In order for the apple industry to become larger, the irrigation canals were made to do so.
With this invention, the apple industry expanded through out Washington state in order to "produce about 70 percent of the apples in the United States" according to agmrc.org.
Without these things happening, we wouldn't be able to make a large amount of apples to send through out the world.
Fun Fact:
Robin Acob
The Alphabet Book

Sam Agapov
card #1
Where is the Entiat indian tribe located?What is their culture?How did they react to white settlers?
Sam Agapov
The Entiat indians are located in Colville reservation in eastern Washington.Their culture involves many different activities such as fishing , hunting and even horse racing."In 1853 not long after lewis and clark met with the indian tribes was when settlers started to disturb the tribal lands.According to my source"There was never a treaty made with these native americans so instead the colville reservation was made."This order was appointed by president grant in 1872".
Fun Facts:
According to bestapples.com, "Washington apples are sold in all 50 states and more than 50 countries.
According to bestapples.com, "More than half of all apples grown in the United States for fresh eating come from orchards in Washington State."
David Douglas

Robin Acob

Why did David Douglas go to the U.S and what did he collect during his trip?
Fun Facts:

Fun Fact: The confederated tribes are
made up of 12 different tribes.
According to Britannica.com, "After serving as a gardener at the Botanical Garden at Glasgow, David Douglas went to the U.S. as a botanical collector for the Royal Horticultural Society." He traveled to the Pacific Northwest and went to places like, Oregon Territory, British Columbia, California, and the Fraser River Region. During Douglas's trip, he found that there were new plants and animals that he has never seen before, like the Douglas Fir Tree. After leaving the Pacific Northwest, he went back to England, and showed his information that he has collected during his trip to the Pacific Northwest. In total, he has shown "240 species of plants to Britain" according to britsattheirbest.com.
Card #2
card #2
Christine Gregoire
What was Christine Gregoire's Career like?
Starting in 2004, She was elected as Governor of Washington and was re-elected in 2008 but, didn't run for election in 2012 because, of personal reasons. Also, Christine Gregoire was elected as the Attorney General of Washington State for three terms from 1993 to 2005. As Governor of Washington, one of the issues that she has handled is not having Washington State have Obamacare as Washington's Healthcare plan. Instead, she wanted to make a state-based system as an alternative to Obamacare. As the Attorney General of Washington, she played a big part in the lawsuit against the tobacco industry and won $4.5 billion dollars for Washington State including, a $500 million bonus. Also, during her time in office, she "worked on children's issues, reformed the state's juvenile system, strengthen identity theft victim's rights, worked to pass a new ethic law for state government and to find alternatives litigation in resolving legal disputes, and investigated and sued drug companies for violating antitrust laws concerning manipulation of the price and availability of prescription drugs." according to Ballotpedia.org.
According to Lewis-Clark.org, "At eleven, David Douglas began his botanical career at the garden estate of the Earl of Mansfield."
sam agapov

Fun Fact: the hudson
bay company is the
oldest corparation in canada.
Card #3
What is the history of Hudson Bay
Company,who started it,and how did it contribute to washington?
The H.B.C is a company based on fur trade and its headqaurters is in the city of Toronto.It was founded on may 2 ,1670.Its founders were two men from france , Medard Des Groseilliers, and Pierre-Esprit Radisson.According to historylink.org "In 1833 archibald mcdonald was dispatched to the columbia river and a trading post was established in april near sequalitchew.This was the first permanent European settlement on the puget sound.
Fun Facts:
According to Ballotpedia.org, "Gregoire ended up defeating Rossi with 53% of the vote" in 2008.
Cornucopia Days - Kent

Robin Acob
Card #4

What are the origins of the Cornucopia Days Festival and what can a person expect to see there?
According to Ballotpedia.org, "In 2007, Governing magazine named Gregoire as one of nine "Public Officials of the Year" for her bipartisan approach as speaker in addressing the Colorado's budget problems."
Robin Acob
Back in the 1890s, the Cornucopia Days Festival was originally called the Lettuce Festival. The festival was renamed to the Kent Cornucopia Days Festival in order "to continue a family festival that binds the current generations to their past" according to kcdays.com. During the Festival you can expect to see a lot of food since, there will be food courts and a lot of food vendors that are scattered around the streets. There will be events like the Cornucopia Dragon Boat Races where teams work together to cross the finish line and sometimes teams are able to row up to 90+ strokes a minute. Finally, you can see teams playing each other to become the top 2 teams at the Kent Cornucopia Cup.
Fun Fact:
The Kent Cornucopia days is a "three-day Seafair festival with upwards of 300,000 people in attendance." According to seafair.com.
Kaiser Aluminum
Robin Acob
How did Kaiser Aluminum get started and what does Kaiser Aluminum provide to other industries?
According to kaiseralumnium.com, "Legendary industrialist Henry J. Kaiser founded Kaiser Aluminum in 1946 with the lease and eventual purchase of three aluminum facilities from the United States Government". Then, as it became bigger, Kaiser Aluminum became "involved in virtually all aspects of the aluminum industry, including the mining and refining of bauxite into alumina, the production of primary aluminum from alumina, and the manufacture of fabricated and semi-fabricated aluminum products". Kaiser Aluminum offers aluminum products industries that specialize in making planes, cars, military vehicles and also, Kaiser Aluminum offers aluminum products to "custom Industrial applications". For example, Kaiser Aluminum offers "aluminum plate, coil and sheet" to aerospace industries to make aircrafts and helicopters. Without Kaiser Aluminum, industries would not be able to make high quality planes, cars, etc. without Kaiser Aluminum's best aluminum products.
card #4
Card #6

Jay Inslee

Robin Acob
What are the important issues Jay Inslee is working on?

Inslee is working on our education in Washington so that our education is world class, kids are getting high-quality education, and so that Washington's graduation rate is higher. Economically, Inslee is working on creating more jobs and making sure that people are career ready. For our budget, Inslee wants to invest it into K-12 education and wants to have a budget that is sustainable. Inslee is also working on making sure healthcare in Washington is high-quality and so that people in Washington are able to afford healthcare by lowering the cost. With these issues that Jay Inslee is working on, he is making sure that "Washington a great place to live and raise a family." according to www.governor.wa.gov.
Card #5

Okanogan Highlands
Robin Acob
How were the Okanogan Highlands formed?
They were formed by "terrane accretion, Eocene extension and volcanism, and glaciation" according to okanoganhighlands.org, over 200 million years ago. Accretion happened when "volcanic islands built on oceanic crust were shoved onto the continent" according to okanoganhighlands.org, which formed an accreted terrane in the Okanogan Highlands 200 to 180 million years ago. Then, the crust thats under the Highlands was extended and shattered because, of the eruption of the volcanos that were around the Highlands 60 to 40 million years ago. Finally, Glaciers kept shaping the surface, ridges, and peaks of the Highlands and "lakes formed in the valleys of the Columbia and Pend Oreille Rivers" according to dnr.wa.gov over 2.6 million to 12,000 years ago. After these major geologic processes, they make the beautiful Okanogan Highlands that we have today.

Card #7
Card #8
Robin Acob

What is a Potlatch?

Potlatches are ceremonial feasts where people sing, dance, have feasts, and recieve gifts that shows "wealth, generosity, and enhance prestige" according to warpaths2peacepipes.com. Potlatches were held to recognize new positions and social status or they were held to recognize marriage, birth of a child, or death of someone. When people got gifts at a potlatch, the gifts that they recieved were based on their social rank. Potlatches were also held to trick a clan to use up their wealth to "knock a clan down a step or two" according to nativeamericans.mrdonn.org. This certain potlatch was called a "Vengeance Potlatch" according to nativeamericans.mrdonn.org
Fun Fact:
Fun Fact: Kaiser Aluminum "ships more than 500 million pounds of product annually" according to kaiseraluminum.com
In 2012, Inslee "narrowly defeated Republican attorney general Rob McKenna in the general election" according to ballotpedia.org.
Mt. St. Helens
What happened on May 18, 1980 when Mt. St. Helens erupted?
During the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, "the entire northern slope above the bulge failed and the north flank of the volcano began to slide downward" according to geology.sdsu.edu. Also, the hydrothermal blast from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens took down trees which allowed the avalanche to take the trees along. As avalanche slides downward, the avalanche from the eruption almost fills Spirit Lake up but, most of it went into "the upper reaches of the North Fork of the Toutle River" according to mountsthelens.com at 110 to 155 miles per hour. Ash from Mt. St. Helens went to Spokane and evenutally "an estimated 540 million tons (490,000 kilotons) of ash drifted up to 2,200 square miles (5,700 square km) settling over seven states" according to livescience.com. Then, lahars were formed and were flowing through rivers at 90 mph and destroyed everything it the lahar's way.
Fun Fact: "More than 200 homes were destroyed. More than 185 miles of roads and 15 miles of railways were damaged. Ash clogged sewage systems, damaged cars and buildings, and temporarily shut down air traffic over the Northwest" according to livescience.com after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

Fun Fact: The Okanogan Highlands has "summits that rise to more than 7,000 feet (2,100 metres)" according to britannica.com
Robin Acob

Whitman Massacre
What is the Whitman Massacre?
On November 29, 1847, 14 to 18 Cayuse Indians attacked at the Whitman Mission near Walla Walla with clubs, tomahawks, and guns that were covered with blankets because, of the sickness that was brought by the people that went to the Whitman Mission which killed some of the Cayuse Indians and the people that were brought to the Whitman Mission by Marcus Whitman were "using up scarce firewood, depleting grasses on land used to graze Indian horses and cattle, and killing game without permission" according to historylink.org. Four hours after the attack, "nine people were dead, including both Whitmans. Narcissa, the only woman to be attacked, was shot. Two men managed to escape" according to historylink.org. After the first few deaths, the Cayuse Indians killed two other men. One of the men was "a 24-year-old who had been working at the sawmill, was shot as he approached the mission with a load of lumber" according to historylink.org, and was buried by Joesph Stanfield. After the Whitman Massacre, 50 survivors were held as hostage for one month but, 2 girls were murdered. After that month, "a Hudson's Bay Company official, ransomed the rest" according to legendsofamerica.com. Five prisoners were on tried, after "Young Chief arranged for the tribe to surrender five men for trial on charges of murder in connection with the attack" according to historylink.org. The five prisoners that were tried, were found guilty and their sentenced was death by hanging.
Robin Acob
Card #11
How did Zumiez get started and what does Zumiez sell?
Zumiez got started when a person named Tom wanted to help his neighborhood by giving "food and clothes to those who couldn't afford them" according to zumiez.com. As Zumiez kept growing, Tom continued giving clothes to people that can't afford clothes by buying "jackets, flannel shirts and blankets" and sending those clothes to charities in Snohomish County. When Zumiez became a company in 2005, Tom made a foundation called The Zumiez Foundation and donated over "180,000 items to more than 180 organizations in 21 states" according to zumiez.com. At Zumiez, you buy"clothing, footwear, equipment, and accessories to young people interested in "extreme sports" including skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and bicycle motocross racing" according to referenceforbusiness.com Also, Zumiez offers brand like "Billabong, Burton, DC Shoe, DVS Shoes, Element, Etnies, Hurley, Quiksilver, Roxy, and Volcom" according to referenceforbusiness.com.
What was the purpose of the expedition.Who were the people that lead and were most important in the journey?
Lewis and Clark expedition
sam agapov
Fun Fact: "Zumiez, Inc. operates a chain of more than 170 stores in about 20 states" according to referenceforbusiness.com.
In 1803 according to my source archives.gov the lousiania territory was purchased and because of that jefferson then organized an exploration.Jeffersons secretary (meriwheter lewis) and a frontiersmen william clark were chosen to lead the expedition.It started near st. louis in the summer of 1804."Its purpose was to find water route linking the columbia and the missouri river".According to biography.com in november 1804 was when the corps of discovery entered the area where sacajawea and her husband toussaint charbonneau lived.And they thought they would be useful later so they asked them to join and they became members.The journey ended in september 1806.
Robin Acob
Card #12
Umatilla Indian Tribe
Who were the Umatilla Indian Tribe and where are they located?
Fun Fact:the expedition was
also called the corp of discovery
Card #10
Ring of Fire
What is the Ring of Fire and how does it effect people in the northwest?
The Umatilla Tribe were people that lived near The Columbia River, along with the Walla Walla Tribe. The Umatilla would move "in a large circle from the lowlands along the Columbia River to the highlands in the Blue Mountains to fish, hunt and gather food" according to ctuir.org. The Umatilla, Walla Walla, and the Cayuse had gatherings near "In the Wallula area near the confluence of the Snake River and at Wascopum near the ancient fishing grounds of Celilo Falls and Nine Mile Rapids" according to ctuir.org. In the 1855. The Umatilla, Cayuse and Walla Walla Tribe signed a treaty with the U.S Government that gave the U.S 6.4 million acres of land for 250,000 acres of land that all the three tribes can have. Then later, "as an outcome of congressional legislation in the latter 19th century, the 250,000-acre reservation was reduced to its current 172,000 acres" according to u-s-history.com.
The Ring of Fire is a chain of volcanoes along the continents of North and South america and Asia.The ring of fire not only has a lot of volcanoes but is known for having ninety percent of the worlds earthquakes to take place along the ring of fire according to national geographic.In the northwest it is more common to have volcanic eruptions and earthquakes because the ring runs throught this region.
Fun Fact:A string of 452 volcanoes
run along the coast of the continents located in the ring of fire
Card #13
Robin Acob
Seattle Music
Robin Acob
How did Music in Seattle get established?
Music in Seattle started when Duwamish Indians created music during the thousand of years they were here. Then later on, "Spanish and British explorers, French-Canadian fur-trappers, missionaries, miners, loggers, sailors and soldiers, cowboys, Oregon Trail emigrants" according to cityofmusic.com, brought their music to share with others. Also, in the 1940s children grew up to become Jazz and R&B artists like "Quincy Jones and Ernestine Anderson" according to cityofmusic.com. As Music grew in Seattle, there were famous artists and bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Bing Crosby, Ray Charles who "worked with Frank Sinatra, and produced Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” and “Thriller" according to seattlepi.com and many more that contributed to the growth of music in Seattle. Seattle today, is called the City of Music because, of the amazing Music that Seattle has to offer.
Card #9
Fun Fact: Seattle hosts music festivals such as "Bumbershoot, the Capitol Hill Block Party, the Decibel Festival, Earshot Jazz Festival, Northwest Folklife Festival, REVERBfest, the CityArts Fest, and various ethnic events" according to cityofmusic.com
Fun Fact: The treaty that The Cayuse, Walla Walla, and the Umatilla Tribe signed "was subsequently ratified by Congress on March 8, 1859" according to ctuir.org
Fun Fact: "The attackers killed 13 people, including Marcus and Narcissa Whitman" according to legendsofamerica.com
Fun Fact: "The term 'Potlatch' has been corrupted from a Nootka Indian word meaning "gift" according to warpath2peacepipes.com
What do totem poles mean
and what are put on them?
Totem Poles
Totem poles can mean many different things. Native americans carved them for activities such as a celebration.They also carved them to honor the deceased and were sometimes used as decoration. The only person who decipher the meaning of a totem was usually the carver them self. totems can have a lot of different types of animals on them. The animals on the pole symbolize different characteristics such as the eagle. It represents intelligence and resourcefulness. And The salmon represents persistence and instinct.
sam agapov
fun fact:
most totem
poles were made of
western red cedar
because it is rot resistance
and the grain is easy
to carve.
Quinault indian tribe
Where are they located?What is their and how did they react to white settles.

Most of the Quinault indian nations territory is located in grays harbor county and small parts of it extend to Jefferson county.The Quinault indian tribe did a lot of different things in their culture such as fishing,berry picking and wood gathering.When hunting out in the sea the the tribe used red cedar canoes to go hunting for animals such as salmon and steel heads. According to UShistory.com in 1820 "white trappers,traders and settlers" discovered The Quinault tribe and others near it and they wanted the natural resources there but they were flooding in and taking the resources."although the Quinault were friendly and helped their new white neighbors ,increasing numbers of pioneers arrived which created friction."

fun fact:The canoes the
tribe were usually made
out of red cedar.
Back in the 1890s, the Cornucopia Days Festival was originally called the Lettuce Festival. The festival was renamed to the Kent Cornucopia Days Festival in order "to continue a family festival that binds the current generations to their past" according to kcdays.com. During the Festival you can expect to see a lot of food since, there will be food courts and a lot of food vendors that are scattered around the streets. There will be events like the Cornucopia Dragon Boat Races where teams work together to cross the finish line and sometimes teams are able to row up to 90+ strokes a minute. Finally, you can see teams playing each other to become the top 2 teams at the Kent Cornucopia Cup.
Back in the 1890s, the Kent Cornucopia Days Festival was originally called the Lettuce Festival. The Lettuce Festival was renamed "to continue a family festival that binds the current generations to their past" according to kcdays.com, to the Festival you guys know as the Kent Cornucopia Days Festival.
So......What might be there at the
Henry Yesler
card #8
fun fact:Yesler employed
almost every single white
settler in Seattle at the
when and why did yesler move to Washington ,and how did he contribute to Seattle?
Sam Agapov
In 1852 Henry Yesler arrived in Seattle because he wanted to start up a mill ,but did not know were exactly he wanted to start it up.He first though in Portland near the Columbia river was a good idea and realized he wanted to go San Francisco instead.He then met a sea captain who pointed him towards the Puget sound according to historylink.org.He visited the small town of Seattle and wanted to build his sawmill east of Elliot bay but there were settlers already there who claimed the land.They mad a compromise and yesler built his sawmill up north from where he originally wanted to build it. Most of the wood yesler's mill produced went to the city of San Francisco but the other wood went towards rebuilding homes and other buildings and even towards other towns in the region.
Sam Agapov
card #9
fun fact:is the worldwide
leader in software services and many other things

Where is Microsoft's headquarters located
and how did it get started.
Microsoft is based in Redmond ,Washington.In 1975 was when the owners of Microsoft Bill Gates and Paul Allen started up the company because they wanted a computer on every desktop in every home.Bill Gates and Paul Allen and were able to "market the product Altair basic" in 1975. This inspired them to them to form their own software company and to keep expanding.Bill Gates was then named the first CEO of Microsoft on April 4 ,1975
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