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John Napier: Father of Logarithms

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Rachel Miller

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of John Napier: Father of Logarithms

John Napier:
Contributions to Society
Logarithms - he created the systems of logarithms in order to simplify calculations
"Napier's bones" - used to explain division and multiplication in a simpler way
updates in spherical trigonometry to simplify
military inventions
political and religious reformer
Time Period
During the earlier part of Napier's time was a time of political and religious turmoil.

For the majority of his life Queen Elizabeth reigned until the last few years of his life.

In Scotland, there were major issues between the Catholics verses the Protestants.
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Effects of Contributions
Logarithms - made calculating problems easier

Napier's bones - made teaching, learning, and understanding easier

Everything Napier tried to accomplish in mathematics was based on the idea of making it easier for society to understand and use for when they made calculations.
Born April 4, 1550 at Merchiston Castle near Edinburgh, Scotland; born into the noble society
Studied abroad and returned home in 1571 where he married a year later
While married, started individual studies on mathematics and different sciences
Father of Logarithms
After marriage, never venture far from Merchiston Castle
Became an inventor, scientist, political scientist, and major mathematician
Involved himself into the reformation of the Protestant and the Catholic religions in Scotland
Wife dies in 1579, eventually remarried
Died in 1617 at his home, Merchiston Catle
by Rachel Miller
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