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Ferdinand Magellan

Social Studies project

johanna quickert

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan Exploration goals What did he discover When and how he died What is named after him today and what he named And interesting facts In the year of 1480 Mother: Alda de Mesquita
Father: Rui de Magalhaes
Sister: Isabel de Magalhaes
First brother: Diogo de Sousa
Second Brother: Duarte de Sousa
Did you no that when he asked the king to go to spain his king said no so he went and asked another king to aprove his question? Did you no that he spent twenty burning days near the equator. Today were going to talk about... He learned about explorers while working for the queen and at the age of 25 he set out as an explorer himself! His native name is fernanao de mayalhaes! On Magellan's ship the crew had to eat rats!!!!! EEWW! What was Ferdinand Magellan's exploration goals? "When he was 25 he took 23 ships and went to Francisco de Almeidia as the first viceroy of Portuguese and India." wikipedia He was born in Sabrosa, Northern Portugal. Sadly Ferdinand's parents died when he was 10.
He became a page for the queen leonor 2 years later.
Ferdinand was great in school, he loved it.
On his journey he spent 8 years in Gou, Cochin, Quilon together. What did Ferdinand Magellan discover? People that were made in contact with him were...
Estevao gomes, Duarte Barbosa, Joao Serrao, Magellan discovered Magellans strait. Which is a river he used by him. It is located in south america. In 1511 he went on a journey to conquer Melaka. When we won he traveled to the Spice islands. -There is a hotel in Paris named Magellan.
- There is a penguin named after him.
- He named the Pacific ocean for its calm waters
-The navation system was named after him Magellan discovered Magellans strait. Which is a river he used by him. It is located in south america. Magellan wanted to be the first explorer to travel around the world. Magellan also wanted to find spice islands so he could bring back spices to his homeland. Magellan died of a spear in the heart. And a poison covered arrow in his foot. His crew tryed to save him. How did Ferdinand Magellan die and when? But he did not make it. He died on April 27th in the year 1521. This happened in Cebu,Philippines When we was 40 or 41. People that were in contact with him were...
Estevao gomes, Duarte Barbosa, Joao Serrao, Enrique of Malacca, Juan Sebastian Elcano, Antonio Pigafetta, and Venetian Scholar There was a lot of people that made contact with him so we could only get the inportant people. Most of his crew were prisoners. Intresting facts His goals were to... Bring back spices to Spain. Find new land Juan Sebastian del Cano was the Captain after Magellan Died. He helped Christopher Columbus Prove that the world was round. There boats were painted yellow and trimmed with black. Please his new king Did you know on his Journey his crew spotted Guam in Mariana Island Did you know That when his crew members got sick he took personal intrest in them and also made sure that he did whatever he could to help them Died in a battle against Lapu-Lapu's troops Out of 237 men only 18 made it back to Spain. Find a new route to spice island. He also named a cloud type. Things he named and what is named after him today! He left on September 20th in the year 1519 on his voyage across the world. Magellan found alot of land on his travel. (As seen on video) His crew tryed to save him. But he did not make it. BY: JOHANNA AND JASIEL Ferdinand Magellan Before Magellan left on his voyage he said farewell to his wife Beatriz Barbosa and his son Rodrigo. Had Five ships Named...
1: Trinidad
2: San Antonio
3: Concepcion
4: Victoria
5: Santiago
They didn't hae enough men for Concepcion so they Burned the ship, and a few weeks later Trinidad was wrecked in a storm, And only Victoria was left. Where was Ferdinand Magellan born? Where did Ferdinand Magellan go on his voyage After his first voyage in 1505 he came back to Portugal. His father was a wealthy man who owned alot of land in Portugal. Where he was born and his childhood Where he went on his voyage
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