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21 guns lyrics project

No description

adam falconer

on 6 June 2012

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Transcript of 21 guns lyrics project

21 Guns Green Day Karaoke Why This Song Represents Generation Z 1.Why do the military and the government tell people to go die for there country in war.
2. It seems many people are sent out to fight for no reason at all and many soldiers give their lives for nothing.
3.War has lost all purpose through years of fighting so many people die every year because of a war they didn’t start
4. War is a terrible thing that can be avoided but many people choose not to follow the path of peace.
5.War takes so much away, people, houses, land, plants, animals.
6.Although they fight for our countries freedom many soldiers are forgotten only few are remembered.
War has never really had a point millions of people die because a politician decided to solve problems with violence.
8.Wars seem to last forever soldiers that don’t die come back with their lives changed forever. This best defines generation "Z" because... The issues in this song that matter most to generation "Z" The values represented in the song are... Customs Gender Expectations Social Norms Generation z has war going on and no one is doing anything about it There is war going on in countries and Green day is saying it needs to stop Freedom of speech and fighting for what you belive in It effects society by encouraging people to help stop war Boys and girls have equal rights of speech and can voice their opinion of war Because Green day is a popular band and is sending a message to people to be brave and do something about war 21 guns
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