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Hydraulic Ferris Wheel

No description

Emily Pulsipher

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Hydraulic Ferris Wheel

Table Of Contents
1 Device Descriptions
2 Component Identification
3 Component Identification
4 System Operation
5 Schematic
6 Reflection
7 References
8 Conclusion Questions
Hydraulics powers Great Wheel of Beijing. (n.d.). Retrieved February 25, 2016,
Hydraulic Ferris Wheel
By: Joshua Molina, Emily Pulsipher, Isaiah Burke
Device Descriptions
The Hydraulic Ferris wheel runs on four drive units with two hydraulic motors. The Hydroponic motors powers the planetary gear speed that allows the wheel to turn. With the use of Hydroponic motors it turns smoothly as opposed to other alternatives. Some examples of Hydraulic Ferris wheels are the London Eye and the Great Wheel of Beijing.
Component Identification
Valve: Directs the flow of a liquid through the hydraulic system (Usually oil).

Cylinder: Used to turn the Ferris wheel in 360 revolutions and carry the capsule that holds the passengers.
POE Period 8
Activity 3.2.1
Component Identification
Reservoir: The reservoir is contained withing a cage with an outer and an inner box. Fluid surround the inner box and kept inside by the outer box.
System Operation
Google Images. (n.d.). Retrieved February 25, 2016, from https://images.google.com/
Pump: Converts mechanical power into hydraulic power, which overcomes pressure by the load.
Overall the use of Hydroelectric systems within Ferris Wheels is much more efficient system compared to older designs. Two examples would be the London Eye, a marvelous construct much bigger than the older models seen, and The Great Wheel of Beijing, the upcoming largest Ferris Wheel to date. The switch to hydro power in Ferris Wheels allows for expansion much higher than ever before.
Design includes spoke cables, a rim, back stay cables, A-frame legs, a boarding platform, and a hub and spindle. 32 Capsules carry passengers along the rim of the wheel.
Hydraulic motors give energy to the wheel and are driven by electric pumps. They turn truck tires along the rim (that acts as a force of friction), which turns the wheel itself. The drive systems are located in two different towers.
"Hydraulic Valves." : Directional Control Valve, Pressure Control Valve, Flow Control Valve. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2016.
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