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Lindsay Grecian

on 15 October 2014

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The Overview
The Battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the Revolutionary War. It helped the Americans win the entire war. Stay tuned and we will tell you how we won The Battle of Yorktown. The battle that ended the Revolutionary War after 8 years of war.
James Armistead Layfette
Trivia Facts
The battle lasted 3 weeks. On October 17, 1781, Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown ending the Revolutionary War. Cornwallis did not go to the surrender ceremony on October 19, so General Charles O'Hara carried Cornwallis' sword to the Americans and French as a sign of surrender.The colonies were now free from Great Britain!!!!
We Won!!!!
James Armistead was a black slave owned by William Armistead. He was given permission by his master to fight in the Revolutionary War. He worked as a spy for the Americans under Marquis de Lafayette . So he got a job aiding General Cornwallis to gain information about the British's plans. He did gain information about General Cornwallis and his plans which helped the Americans win the battle of Yorktown.
The Battle of Yorktown
Date and Place
The Battle in Detail
The Casualties
Who Was Involved ?
by: Julia Martin
Lindsay Grecian
The Battle of Yorktown lasted from September 28, 1781 to October 19, 1781.
It took place in Yorktown, Virginia where the British were encamped.
Liberty's kids video "Yorktown"
General George Washington
General Lord Charles Cornwallis
17,000 French and
Continental troops.
9,000 British troops.
The French Fleet commanded by Francois, Count de Grasse, left St. Domingue and started sailing towards Chesapeake Bay. General Cornwallis had stationed troops at Yorktown which was at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Washington told Lafayette to put 5,000 American troops to block the British's escape from Yorktown by land. The French ships blocked the British's escaped by sea. On September 28, George Washington and the American Army had completely surrounded Yorktown with the help of the French.
General Charles O'Hara
Marquis de Lafayette
156 killed
326 wounded
United States
88 killed
301 wounded
British suffered greater casualties than the U.S. did.
Francois Count de Grasse
(commanded the French Fleet)
During the French and Indian war Washington failed at being a good leader and lost the war, but during this war we won because of his excellent strategy.
If James Armistead had not spied on Cornwallis and gotten his plans to West Point, we might have lost the battle and war.
The Battle of Yorktown was the final victory of the Revolutionary War.
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