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In 10 years time

No description

Oladipo Denloye

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of In 10 years time

Dipo Denloye For IE Business School A.I Our work habits will change I wonder how we will communicate in 10 years time hablar español? There will be no need to leave the office, simply bring it along. Desk phones and desktop computers will gradually disappear, replaced by mobile phones, tablets that will take on traditional office capabilities. sí y más

With the help of wearable translators, the language barrier could be smashed, enabling a new degree of business freedom and population migrations Many companies are currently downsizing their administrative departments and replacing them with AI.
This is particularly true of call centres and other service-based roles, where customers often deal face-to-face with "virtual employees" based on automated software. Early versions of these have been utilised as far back as the 1990s - activated by simple voice commands - but in 10 years time we might be speaking with intelligent and fully conversant entities IVR Instant messaging (IM) will probably surpass e-mail as the preferred method of business interaction because of features like click-to-call, online presence and a deeper integration with business processes and line-of-business applications which will all be hosted in the cloud. Enabled by available high speed LTE and FTTH networks, 3-D virtual technologies could influence online corporate meeting experiences to deliver more life-like experiences demanded by the next generation workers. Thanks for your attention “I could feel – I could smell – a new kind of intelligence across the table.” Gary Kasparov Most human communications could be through intelligent devices. Our environment will become more infused with information technology, becoming animated, communicative, and more intelligent. Bigger Bandwidth Everywhere will drive Global Citizenship Easier and cheaper access to Internet will drive a smarter and more connected Global village One of Mister Duncan's students recorded his Youtube classes on video and took them to an African country to help teach English.
In 10 years time, even the poor should be able to access life enhancing e-learning materials from the click of a button The traditional office is a thing of the past Welcome to the Virtual Workplace
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