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FRCC Strategic Plan

Framework Presentation

kathy mullins

on 13 July 2011

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Transcript of FRCC Strategic Plan

FRCC 2011 - 2015 Strategic Plan Mission At Front Range Community College, we enrich lives through learning. Vision Our vision is that all students at Front Range Community College will accomplish their educational and career goals. We will be recognized for our singular focus on student success, our exceptional teaching, our strong commitment to diverse learners and communities, and our effective business and community partnerships. Values We value students.
We value them as people and as learners and for the diverse perspectives that they contribute.

We value teaching and learning.
We value exceptional teaching in a dynamic and varied learning environment.

We value community.
We value a sense of community and collaboration in partnerships. We identify ourselves as one college that supports many communities.

We value employees.
We value the commitment, knowledge, diversity, and uniqueness of our employees. We value the strengths of our employees, as well as their potential. We are committed to:

• Collaboration
• Communication
• Fiscal sustainability
• Inclusiveness
• Operational efficiency
• Recognition and reward of employees
• Student-focused and data-informed decisions
• Transparency Commitments Strategic Priorities FRCC supports and improves student persistence and completion through instructional excellence, exceptional student support services, and a commitment to the understanding that learning happens everywhere. Faculty, instructors, and staff are well-versed in the scholarship of teaching and learning as it relates to their area of expertise, and receive meaningful professional development and training to enhance their respective practices and support innovation. We improve student success with careful assessment and measurement and a commitment to using data to make effective decisions. Our student body reflects the diversity of our communities because we create learning environments that welcome diversity in all its forms and actively engage the growing minority communities in our service area. All students benefit from our college services, which are welcoming, easy to navigate, and focused on the learning, growth, and development of the whole student. We are the first-choice educational partner for industry, K-12 education, and community organizations. Local businesses value us for our high-quality instructional services that respond to immediate and long-term industry needs. We work closely with our business and community partners to educate and train highly qualified employees, develop a strong regional workforce, and identify opportunities for appropriate and responsible program development; consequently, the state of Colorado views us as a vital component of building a robust workforce. We recognize that the success of this plan rests on the success of our employees and their ability to be responsive, dynamic, and creative. We are committed to a culture that supports innovation, creativity, collaboration, healthy work-life balance, and excellence in all that we do. We support and encourage additional staff training and professional development. We invest appropriately in additional staff whenever possible and necessary to provide quality service to students and work-life balance for our employees. We are mindful of the importance of holding our institution in trust for future generations. To that end, we invest in safe, appealing facilities that meet student and staff needs and are viable in the long-term on all campuses. We also continue to be committed to fiscal responsibility and efficiency in all operations. With state funding uncertain, we invest in successful grant development and fundraising to broaden our funding sources. Goals Strategic Priority 1: Student Success
Goal 1a: Improve measurement of student outcomes
Goal 1b: Increase retention, transfer, and graduation rates
Goal 1c: Close the graduation and transfer gap between white and minority students
Goal 1d: Ensure that all students have the skills to be successful in either the workplace or further education
Goal 1e: Close the course persistence gap between online and on-campus students Strategic Priority 2: Opportunities for Diverse Learners and Communities
Goal 2a: Ensure that our student body reflects the diversity of our communities
Goal 2b: Hire more faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of our communities
Goal 2c: Create a culture that welcomes diversity in all its forms Strategic Priority 3: Strong Partnerships
Goal 3a: Update our mix of career-technical education programs and ensure they are current, relevant, and well-connected to industry
Goal 3b: Maintain and improve relationships with K-12 education and other community partners to leverage resource capacity Strategic Priority 4: Culture of Collaboration, Innovation, and Pride
Goal 4a: Continue to be a great place to work by promoting campus and college-wide environments that foster collaboration, innovation, open communication, transparency, and a healthy work-life balance
Goal 4b: Provide faculty, part-time instructors, and staff with more training and professional development Strategic Priority 5: Resource Development and Sustainability
Goal 5a: Ensure adequate, appealing, and safe facilities on all campuses
Goal 5b: Significantly increase our foundation fundraising and grant revenue Student Success Opportunities for Diverse
Learners & Communities Resource Development & Sustainability Culture of Collaboration,
Innovation & Pride Strong Partnerships
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