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All About Me

No description

Prathab Vartharaj

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of All About Me

Book Report
Recently, I read the book, Neil Flambe and The Crusader’s Curse, written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester. I liked this book because it’s full of adventure and it inspires me to try different and unique foods. The main character, Neil, would add seasoning such as sea salt and I would start to like to taste of sea salt. Also, he makes a trip to Paris, France.

On Neil’s fifteenth birthday, three food critics came to his restaurant to try his food. They sent all of his dishes back to the kitchen. Neil found this fishy so he started an investigation with the help of his friend, Nakamura. The investigation led them to a curse and a man named Picon and his super computer chef, DBC (Dark Blue Cheese). Neil fights Picon in a food duel to defeat the curse. Neil wins the duel, however, Picon says he knows nothing about the curse. Neil’s next option was to go to Paris, France even though he was warned not to. He left without telling any of his friends. He didn’t tell his cooking teacher, Angel or his girlfriend, Isabella. Not even his cousin/ best friend, Larry. He was hungry in Paris so he went to find a good restaurant. He found a good restaurant that was hidden. He was offered coffee, which knocked him out. When he woke up, in front of him was Jean Vallette, the one that was behind the curse. They fought with the help of Neil’s friends that had found out that Neil’s went to Paris. In the end, they defeated Vallette and the curse.

Neil Flambe is the type of person that would try to add more flavour in food with many kinds of ingredients. I would also add flavours like this. Also, I wouldn’t just find any restaurant to eat at. I would find a good restaurant to eat at. Neil Flambe did this in Paris, however, it didn’t turn out too good for him in the beginning.

The book Neil Flambe and The Crusader’s Curse is a mystery genre. I also think it’s an adventure genre since Neil flies to Paris. The publisher of this book is Simon and Schuster. It was published on May 8, 2012. This book contains 304 pages. Neil Flambe and The Crusader’s Curse is an amazing book, you should read it too!

A Letter to myself.
Math- Factors and Exponents
All About Me
I like music. Here are some of my favourite songs.
Maps-Maroon 5
Animals-Maroon 5
By Prathab Varatharaj
My Parents.
My dog, Fluffy as soon as he came home.
Fluffy a year after he came home.
My brother, Bavan.
When I got my black belt.
The Troll Song
Dear my future self,
I have just started grade seven and there is still alot to learn. By the time I read this again, it would probably be at the end of grade seven. I hope your doing great in the future!
Right now my favourite subject in school is science. I don't think it changed yet. Maybe in June 2015 I might have a different favourite subject, along with a different least favourite subject. Right now my least favourite subject is language. i'm good at math and science. There isn't anything too difficult for me, but the most difficult subject for me is language.
I will be looking forward to all the new subjects in grade seven. Subjects like cooking, geography and history. I will learn how to make delicious foods. Also, I want to learn about the climate changes in geography.
My goal is too do good in school this year and every other year to get in a good university. I can achieve this goal by studying well in class and at home.
I wonder if my goal will change in the future. Or maybe my favourite subject will change. Well good luck to my future self!
Read Letter to myself in future

Get money from the bank

Buy potato
Factors: Can be found using either a factor tree or a factor rainbow.
Factor Tree

Exponents: Can help shorten a multiplication question.
He likes Dorritos
My friend, Navrohat the Pink Fluffy Unicorn.
Mr. Purewal
Where are my potatoes?
Find my 12 potatoes.
Terry Fox
Terry Fox is a Canadian hero.
His real name is Terrance Stanley Fox.
He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
on July 28 1958. Terry started his journey on April 12 1980 after he dips his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean. Terry ran 42 kilometres everyday. He ran through 6 provinces on his journey. Unfortunately, after 143 days of running and 5,373 kilometres of distance, Terry Fox stopped running right outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario. His cancer had spread to his lungs. Terry Fox was voted Canada's Greatest Hero in a national survey on June 30 1999.
How to Make a Pizza
Pizza is a delicious food, so why don’t we make some right now. First, gather up your materials. You would need an oven, oven mitts, spoon, pan, butter sheet, rolling pin, pizza dough, a can of tomato sauce, a bag of grated mozzarella cheese, sliced and cleaned pepperoni; ham and Italian sausages, cleaned and sliced black olives; pineapples and mushrooms. Then, preheat your oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Next, take your butter sheet and put it in the pan neatly. After, roll your pizza dough with the rolling pin into a circle shape. Not long after, you carefully place the dough in the pan, on top of the butter sheet. Following that, open the can of tomato sauce and using the spoon, evenly spread the sauce over the dough. Now, open the bag of grated mozzarella cheese and take about a handful of cheese and sprinkle it over the “soon to be” pizza. Then, put the cleaned and sliced meat (pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage) on your “soon to be” pizza. Later, put the vegetables (black olives, pineapples, mushrooms) on the “soon to be” pizza. Now, you can put on your oven mitts, open your oven door, and place your the uncooked pizza inside. Once it’s done cooking, with the oven mitts, take out the pizza, out it on a table and let it cool for about 2 minutes (take off the oven mitts too!). Finally, you can call your Mom, Dad, siblings, ninja turtles and Michael Bay to eat your horrible pizza.

This is water
Yum Yum Yum,Potato.
Satnam likes his potatoes,
Hip hop is a rhythm type music, usually used with rapping, a rhythm that rhymes and is chanted. For dance at school, my group was Mikayla, Pavreet, Simran, Manveer and me. The song we chose was Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.
Musical Potato!
TrollTatoes do not count...
Insert Random object here
Descriptive Writing
I live deep under the sea. There is a pineapple I can see. The burger is a great delicacy. I have no brain, as you can see. My world has bad logic, with fire under the sea. There is a giant, brown rock on top of me. Pink is what you see when you look at me. By now you might know what I am. I don’t know why but I wear the shorts every day. I always wished to smell the delicious, mouth watering, burgers.

Drum roll please!
Math- Fractions
Fraction: a number value that is not a whole number. Ex: 1/2, 14/21
All About That Bass- Meghan Trainor
My name is Prathab Varatharaj and I go to Great Lakes Public School. I'm in grade 7. I'm a black belt in karate and I made a big rubber band ball for a hobby a long time ago. I was born on April 3rd 2002, when it was SNOWING! I live with my younger brother, Bavan; my Mom; my Dad and my dog, Fluffy. I also have 3 Parakeets. My favourite sports are hockey and baseball. I also like Pokémon.
All About Me
This Summer I went to an African Lion Safari. This is one video...
And these are some pictures!
My Dad's van
A baboon
Book Report #1
Science- Abiotic and Biotic
Abiotic: Factors that
are non-living
Biotic: Factors that are living
Geography-Latitude and Longitude
Narrative Story

On the night before Potatoween, potato friends Bob, Tom and Dom were bored waiting for Potatoween to come. They all loved the taste of their favourite candy, Jolly Ranchers. “HEY NARRATOR! OUR FAVOURITE CANDY IS JOLLY TATOES, NOT JOLLY RANCHERS!” I’m sorry Dom, Let me change that. They all loved the taste of Jolly Tatoes. Then Dom had an idea. His idea was:
“Lets go to the spooky potato field.”
“WHAT?! Are you insane?!” screamed Tom.
“Actually, he is” said Bob
“C’mon Tom, It’ll be fun” insisted Dom.
“Have you not heard the news? 2 potatoes walked into the fields. Do you know what happened next?” asked Tom.
“What happened next?” asked Bob.
“They got baked.” Tom stated.
“Then that settles it, we go there now.”Said Dom.
The trio walked toward the potato field leaving Tom`s fear behind. They walked and walked and walked. They walked past a giant tree. They kept walking. They got to a giant tree. “I think we just got lost.”said Bob.
“This tree doesn’t look normal.” stated Tom.
“That means, we should check out what is not normal about it.” said Dom.
Dom led the friends toward the tree. The big mysterious tree. They all felt a strange presence. As they got closer to the tree, the presence got stronger. “Umm... I think we should leave now, its getting dark.” said Tom. Knowing Dom, he refused and knowing Tom and Bob, they stuck with Dom.
At last, they reached the big tree. There was a sign stating the obvious infront of the tree. It said, Great Potato Tree. They walked into the hallow tree. Bob said, “this tree looks like a giant house.” The friends decided to split up. Then Dom found a staff.
The staff had a potato on it that look like Dom. The only difference is that the potato looked orange. Dom screamed, “Hey guys I found something.” The other 2 found Dom. Tom found an eraser. Bob found a fork. The 3 wondered what the staff can do until...
Dom smacked the staff on the floor and smoke appeared everywhere. “What is going on?” the trio asked. Then, they saw another potato. The friends were out of luck because it was the legendary Jack-O-Tato. The 3 decided to do one thing. “RUN!” they screamed.
The friends argued as they ran. They then noticed that Jack summoned ghosts! They kept running until they got to a dead end. “It was nice know you two.” said tom. All of a sudden, something popped out of the ground. It was a potato. No, I mean there were potatoes.

A group of potatoes jumped out to fight Jack. The potatoes surprisingly took out all the ghosts. Then jack came into the fight. Jack screamed, “BURN!” All the potatoes got baked except the trio. Then some baked potatoes flew onto Jack. “GAH!” Jack screamed, “IT BURNS!” Then Bob had an idea.
“Guys his weakness is the baked potatoes.” Bob said. Then Bob took out his fork. He scooped up some potato and threw it at Jack. It was working. Tom and Dom used gold plated PS4s (Potato Station 4) that they found on the ground to throw baked potatoes. Finally, Tom threw the eraser at Jack and defeated him.
When Jack was defeated, the trio noticed that tomorrow is not Potatoween, it’s Potato Fools.

Hallows Eve
The Curse of the Jack-O-Tato
Latitude: distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees.
Longitude: distance measured in degrees east or west from an imaginary line (the prime meridian) that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole and passes through Greenwich, England
Did you know: Bob is in this prezi?
Also, this text is...
Upside down
Now time for real facts
Most lipstick contains fish scales!
There are rainbow coloured grasshoppers in Peru
Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear pants!
Over 1000 birds a year die from smashing into windows!
A spider has transparent blood.
You spend 7 years of your life in the bathroom.
Dolphins sleep with one eye open!
Swagicolo OT: Navi
Least We Forget
In school we had an opportunity to help out at the book fair. It was really fun and enjoyable. We got to help out students from kindergarten to grade 8!
Science: Water Cycle
Evaporation: is the process in which a liquid changes into water vapor.

Transpiration: is evaporation through the leaves and stems of plants.

Condensation: is the process in which water vapor changes into liquid water.

Precipitation: Is when liquid water from condensation falls as rain, sleet, snow or hail.

Ground Water: Water in the soil.

Run-Off: is the water that runs off the ground into lakes, rivers or streams.
Math: Measurement Formulas
Measurement is awesome!
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
Mockingjay is an interesting movie
the grade sevens and eights watched
at the movie theaters. It was only part
one but it was still very interesting.
Our Trip To The Soccer Centre.
The Legendary Ring!
One Day, the grade sevens and eights went to the soccer centre to have a soccer tournament. Luckily, our class won first place in the grade seven tournament.
Math: Input and Output
In Math we have been learning about input and output charts. We learned how to read them and make them
Geography: Weather vs. Climate
The difference between weather and climate is the amount of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively long periods of time.
Geography: climate graphs
Climate graphs are a combination of a bar graph and a line graph. Temperature is shown on a line graph, with the amounts being shown on the right side of the graph. Rainfall is shown by a bar graph, with the amounts being shown down the left side of the graph.
Science: Primary And Secondary Succession
Primary Succession refers to the changes that take place when plants grow in a new environment for the very first time.
Secondary Succession refers to the natural changes that occur in an environment that has already been populated by a pioneer community.
Holiday Party: Secret Santa
For the last day of school before the winter break, our class had a party and a secret santa. For our secret santa, our class went to dollarama with $5 to buy a gift for the person we got. The party we had was also great. We might of had a few leftovers too! We even got to go to Pizza Pizza© thanks to Subhaan's Father being extremly nice!
My hand
Science: Ecosystem Board Game
In Science, our goal was to make a board game that involves science questions. This is what my group came up with. My group was Keerat, Yasmeen, Inderpreet and Myself; Prathab.
Navtej Stole a POTATO!
Hiding Potato
Kory Took a potato!
Skip to current slides
Science: Different Types/ Group Project
Math: Stem And Leaf
Petronas towers
My Goals For Term 2
Science: Heat
Math: Integers
Math: Classifying Figures
Black History Assembly
History Centers
World Read Aloud Day was a great day for Great Lakes Public School! For WRAD, our class created a dance and we created giant book covers to wear. I decided to create YOTSUBA&! 4 for my book cover. YOTSUBA&! is a funny manga series about a five year old girl learning about life and just having fun!

Science: Changes Of State
French: Mardi Gras
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