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Amazing Kid

No description

Anthony Garza-Kukla

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Amazing Kid

Amazing kid This is Sam explaining the ETCB End bullying. Sam had enough

He took it to himself to try to stop it.

He developed a website with facts about bullying. “At the End to Cyber Bullying, we personally equip, train, and show you how to start an initiative in your school, and to become a part of the movement that will ultimately make the world tremble!”

-Samuel Lam, 17-year-old President of the End to Cyber Bullying. Bullying is a serious topic

MUST be taken care of.

I thought of my own plan to stop bullying! Samuel Lam started an organization called ETCB (End To Cyber Bullying)

But before he did that, he was bullied himself.

People made fun of his race and teased him about other things. What I want to do

Raise money by having a White Pine student council bake sale (with permission from the principals and staff of White Pine)in the cafeteria during 6th, 7th, and 8th grade lunch

Council members can bring baked goods from home

Money will help bring in a guest speaker

Have him/her talk to the teachers on meeting day

He/she should tell the teachers about how bad bullying really is, and tell them ways they can prevent bullying.

Teachers could go in the halls to watch out for bullies. We could also have more presentations about bullying

Tell ways that we can all prevent it from happening to one another. White Pine has a small program called "Hero in the Hallway"

tries to get kids to take a stand and write down the bullies name and what they did. That is a good idea, but the victims might be afraid to step up and stop the bully. This is why

We NEED teachers in the halls at all times! One person can make the difference. Someone will step up like Samuel Lam did.

Our differences should be celebrated, not made fun of. All together, we could make our school safe, and friendly. Sam stood up for what is right. Will you? Prezi created by:
Anthony Garza-Kukla SOURCES:
Samuel Lam:

Amazing Kids:
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