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What is Matter

No description

Robert Nelson

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of What is Matter

What is Matter?
What is Matter?
The Property of Volume
Matter and Mass
Volume is the space that matter takes up.
Mass is how much matter is in an object.
The mass of an object doesn't change and is constant.
The volume of an object can change.
You should now be able to do the following
1. Know the difference between mass, volume and weight. Know the correct units for each.
2. Be able to determine the volume of a liquid, regular shaped solid and irregular shaped solid if you are supplied with specific information.
3. Be able to determine the weight of an object.
Matter is anything you can taste, touch, see or smell
Matter is anything that has mass
and takes up volume.
Types of volume include
- Liquid Volume
- Solid Volume
Liquid Volume
We use the following units for measuring the volume of liquids...
- L (liter)
- mL (milliliter)
- cL (centiliter)
Measuring Liquid Volumes
Several pieces of equipment can be used to measure the volume of a liquid.
These include the graduated cylinders, pipettes, beakers, flasks and syringes.
When measuring liquids in a cylinder, read the level at the meniscus.
Measuring the Volume of Regularly Shaped Solids
We use the following units for measuring the volumes of solids...
- cc or cm (cubic centimeter)
- m (cubic meter)
Volume Formula
The following formula is used to determine the volume of a regularly shaped solid....
L x W x H
L = length W = width H = height
Answer will be in cc's
Measuring the Volume of Irregularly Shaped Solids
While measuring the volume of a cube is simple (l x w x h), a marble or broken rock would not be easy.
We use a method called the displacement method.
Archimedes Principle or the Displacement Method
When you get into a tub, the water rises or is displaced by your body. The amount the water rises is the volume of your body.
You can find the volume of an irregularly
shaped object by using this method.
Mass and Weight
Weight is how gravity pulls on an objects mass.
Weight changes depending on the amount gravity pulling on it.
An objects mass wont change, but its weight can.
Measuring Mass and Weight
The units we use for mass are the...
- kg (kilogram)
- g (gram)
- mg (milligram)
The unit for weight is "N" or Newton
- 1 kg = 9.8N
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