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No description

cho khang

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of inventions

Lobster Trap The Lobster trap was invented in 2012
by: Vince Stuart Vince Stuart invented because he got friends that are fisherman and are complaining that there bait wouldn't last long enough . The main reason is to help fisherman not going to check there fish trap more frequently. The invention has been in a good way because fisherman don't go check there traps often witch now have more free times. But it cost a lot. There are many different kind of
lobster trap. The lobster trap is always 2012 cost $400
might change over
from my opinion
because it cost a lot
and poor fisherman wouldn't
be able to buy it. People using nets to catch lobsters and fishes. Seem to be a very popular inventions.
Still exist and available. The only thing i would add to this inventions is nothing, but it would be better if it's cheaper THE END
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