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Togolese Republic

A low HDI country

Sam Kegley

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Togolese Republic

The Togolese Republic HDI - .499 HDI (Human Developement Index) is a measure of a country's literacy, life expectancy, education, and standards of living. Basically, it is a measure of well-being within a country. The highest on the scale of HDI being .971, medium HDI around .600 it is safe to say Togo isn't doing all that grand. Contributers To Togo's Low HDI Life Expectancy- 59 years Literacy Rate - 60%
Infant Mortality - 56.84 deaths out of 1000 births
Duration of compulsory education - 10 years (they have to go to school for at least 10 years)
Probability of dying under 5 years (per 1000 births) 107/1000

this happens to be a kitten... he doesn't care about Togo... but he sure is cute... This is where Togo is located (in the red...) Togo's flag... It looks like America's flag but with less stars and stripes. (better colors too) Average Wages per year - 270 $ GDP - 900$ (Gross Domestic Product)
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