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Rewriting the rules


Emily Thiel

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Rewriting the rules

Let us hone in on our interests, strengths and skills
We need to supply a better product by selling
How can we work as a news team?
WE NEED ....
regular beats, roles with a definition, a simple and clean look and a STRONG vibrant lively online presence to engage and excite our collective readership

Becca Blanchard - online editor
staff writer
- point person for our website

- overseeing budget - Google live budget for Berks-Mont Newspapers

- continue with same niche

- online production

content manager for the "niche" of print product
July 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Consolidate our print products
community engagement
Emily Thiel - arts/entertainment editor
- preview arts and entertainment events in the BerksMontNews.com coverage area

- provide content for the communities print section

- Make contact with local groups and organizations

- implement that each writer has their own professional account for live tweeting; our single account will serve as "the paper" to push articles and contents

- present a solid presence on social media - stuffing our feeds with quality content

We want to align as one newspaper

use the staff we do have
MERGE us together
The Kutztown Area Patriot
The Hamburg Item
The Boyertown Area Times
The Community Connection
Lisa Mitchell - news editor
- A section content (hard news, police reports) manager/mapper for Berks-MontNews.com

- meeting coverage manager: assign stringers to the important school board/township meetings

- manage content for Tri-County Record
Shea Singley - community editor
sports writer
Ric Webb - sports editor
Toni Morrisey - production
- managing editor for the BerksMontNews.com print edition
- proof print product, final edits
- liaison between production and staff
- manage and create graphics
managing editor, print
[A] Local news/county news

[B] Sports

[C] Arts and entertainment
People/Animals/Look back in time/Youth pages

[D] Announcements/Classifieds
Northern Berks reporter
print products are holding us back in this world where we strive to be
digital first
― Mark Twain
“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.”
- County-wide news manager

- Community features/news and calendars

- Map youth pages/student reporters, community profiles, A Look Back in Time, animal adoptions; ticket contests and promos

- Athletic profiles and additional sports teams coverage
Will we even be around?

News 4,550
Times 2,545
Item 1,345
Patriot 2,100
Connection 7,000

When Becca is in charge of the website, we watch our numbers go up
- point person for our website

- publish all stories online to keep site active

- overseeing budget - Google live budget for Berks-Mont Newspapers

- staff writer for the BerksMontNews.com

- teach interns Saxo/ internal websites



Everyone with a current subscription to The Hamburg Item, The Community Connection, The Kutztown Area Patriot, The Boyertown Area Times or The Southern Berks News would receive their copy of our collective product:

yes...aside from a window...
- sell one collective product with a single deadline

- all production at
"design center"

- consolidate as BerksMontNews.com; a print version of our website

- Provides for better accountability

- A clean, simple, consistent product

- More clout to our name

- Unify and play to our strengths

Southern Berks 225
Times 1,400
Item 690
Patriot 1,265
Connection 1
Northern Berks reporter
Let's page map!

One weekly four-section paper

Benefits for advertising:

- one single deadline

- can sell based on our collective +18,000 circulation number; no need to push 5 small editions

- reps contribute from their territory, continue to sell advertising for online and our BerksMontNews.com print product

- makes us a better competitor with The Reading Eagle
- continue to provide content for sports throughout our coverage area
- produce content for GameTime
- oversee sports section in print
- provide Shea with contacts for sports player profiles

How will consolidating impact our readers?
- Readers will still have access to
of local coverage with one

- With proper promotion readers will adapt and embrace our new brand BerksMontNews.com

who are we...
what are we...
and where are we going?

Berks-Mont Newspapers
Right now, we are
news editors scrambling to produce
print products and a website.

We want to see Berks-Mont News survive but how can we do that with limited resources?

We can give readers what they want AND meet the needs of the staff, provide better and richer content, really make something we can all be proud of and are excited to produce!

We want to focus on the website and jump forward digitally while creating a superior print product and brand.
- We want to meet readers needs to deliver a print version of our website BerksMontNews.com
- BerksMontNews.com coverage area serves Berks County with a population of over

and Montgomery County with a population of over

- Today, the Internet makes the world smaller and people travel to events... so why seclude them by region?

- Tap into that with
one product
and a

- We can connect and bridge the gap between our online communities and the print product readership with our brand.

- Social media and online interactions are how people connect and where they are going for information. Facebook provides one single place for the feel of the "community" interaction
- People aren't hyper local anymore, they're connecting with

via the Internet

(literally following friends, family members, friends of friends, community organizations, national organizations, newspapers, media outlets, restaurants, stores, etc. in an online world)

- We want to connect people on a larger scale through all possible mediums and outlets
- We can reinstate that type of
community feel
for our readers who are resisting the Internet or logging into our online presence by giving them the best of our online product BerksMontNews.com
Boyertown Facebook
Hamburg Facebook
Connection Facebook
News Facebook
Patriot Facebook
Here's what we've got:
print edition
The Southern Berks News
Source: Denise Diehl
Source: Tim Dietterick
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