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MUN Presentation

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on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of MUN Presentation

What is MUN?
How MUN can benefit students?
Past ASTI accomplishment
Parent help
ASTI delegates at SMUNC 2012
MUN follows the procedures and mannerisms of the United Nations (UN).
The UN is an international peacekeeping organization made of multiple countries in which issues are discussed and solved.
Members will do exactly this as they take the role of a country and research the country’s point of view on various topics.
Then, students will debate their country’s view and find solutions with other students from around world in 3 day conferences held at local high schools and universities, such as UC Berkeley and Stanford.
1. Demonstrate leadership by working with other delegates, chairing committees, and trying to solve world issues in a mock simulation.

2. Improve your speaking skills
3. Reflect on your MUN experience in essays and interviews.
MUN will improve your debate, research and writing skills.
Practices and conferences will help in honing debate and public speaking skills.
-this is useful in classroom debates, speeches, and life in general.
Learn how to improvise and make up speeches on the spot
-will also help you develop quick thinking with creating rebuttals which can be applied to other situations.
Researching and writing for conferences will teach how to research and write future papers for your classes.
include your MUN experience in your personal statement as being in MUN looks good on college applications.'
you can continue to participate in MUN in college
4. Interact with delegates from other schools
• chaperones
o driving to conferences/hotels if needed
o helping Mr. Rodriguez with whatever he needs to get done at the conference
• food/drink donations
• helping raise money
o donations
o volunteering/organizing fundraisers
o chaperoning for fundraisers


Verbal Commendation: Eddie Yu, Adam Ames, Samuel Everett
Honorable Mention: Kathryn Douglas, Kristine Chin
Position/research paper: Ivan Arreola, Meriam Salem, Colin Forbes

it's a lot of work, but a lot of fun
meet new people
important because ASTI is such a small school
it's a chance for you to get out of your shell and voice out your ideas
teamwork- you must work with other delegates to come up with a solution for the problem at hand
learn to voice your thoughts in a way that would make others want to listen to you
share ideal and seek advice from more experienced delegates
how does one find pretty pictures?
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