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Jesus Lomeli

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of ISIS

President Obama's Plan
There is only one way to stop ISIS, but it's not the correct way. Obama has been bombing ISIS in Iraq, but there are concerns that a lot of civilians will die. The US wants to go to war with ISIS.
Who Leads ISIS ?
- ISIS is lead by an Iraqi, Arub Bark al-Baghdadi. ISIS is a militant group so that is so hardline and violent that it was disavowed by al-Qaidas leader, al-Zawahiri.

-ISIS has about 25 hostages in 2015.
- U.S. special forces failed to find Foley, and 40 other American hostages during an attempted rescue operation in July.
- The Isamic miltant group has publicized its barbaric killings of the hostages.
- ISIS has taken dozens of international hostages.
By : Jesus Lomeli and Aldo Escobedo
How Did ISIS Began ?
- ISIS has its root in the al-Qaidas
group in Iraq the Islamic State of
Iraq .
- ISIS involvement in the Syrian
conflict was indirect at first.
- Joulain recieved support and
funding from ISIS and Baghdadi.
ISIS now controls territory that
stretches from the eastern of Aleppo,
Syria,to Falluia, Mosul and now Tal
Afar in Iraq.
What Does ISIS Do To The Hostages
ISIS does horrible things to the hostages. We will not show the videos of their deaths because the videos are really violent and will make you feel bad. Some of the hostages get beheaded (chopped off their head). Another thing they do to their hostages is water boarding or (drowning). Some other things that they do to their hostages if burn them alive.
Who Are The Members Of ISIS
ISIS has many members, mostly all men, but recently people have noticed that ISIS brainwashed kids to be part of their group. ISIS recently made a video of a boy executing a man with a pistol. Besides men and kids, they also have women. They use women as spies.

How Much Does ISIS Control?
ISIS controls most of Iraq and Syria. ISIS control a little part of Iran. In the map in the right side shows what ISIS controls. ISIS controls a state in Iraq called Tikrit. This region is fighting back against ISIS. It seems that the people might get back their city. GOOD LUCK !!! ISIS also control these regions in Iraq. They Control Kiruk, Hawija, Tikirit, Ramadi, Mosul, Erbil, Baghad etc.
(This is how much ISIS has in their control.)
(Obamas plan is to stop Isis from getting powerful.)

Is ISIS Getting Poweful or Weaker ?
ISIS has gotten more powerful. The reason why ISIS has gotten more powerful is that ISIS has gotten more members and hostages.
ISIS has secured huge cashflows from oilfields in eastern Syria, which it commandeered in late 2012.
ISIS now controls territory that stretches from the eastern of Aleppo, Syria, to Falluja, Mosul and now Tal Afar in Iraq.

What Has ISIS Recently Done
ISIS has recently done alot of things. For example, they have bombed Syria a couple weeks ago. They also burned a man alive. There is a video of it, but we cant put it here because it's too violent. There is also added a picture with a man without a head. They also are at war in a city named Tikrit.
(ISIS is going to kill a man with a pistol in the head)
The END !!!
(ISIS appears in the show named "South Park" in the episode named "Go Fund Yourself" is in season 18. )
Making ISIS Look Like A Joke Part: 2
ISIS is made to look like a joke in episode 1, season 18, about how the five main characters are making a buisness called Washington Redskins. In that episode, ISIS supports their business and making ISIS look like a joke. Later in the episode ISIS rejects them and everyone says that they are doing a good job. What do you think ISIS will do to the creators of South Park ?
Making ISIS Look Like a Joke Part: 1
(In the movie Imagination Land ISIS is being made to look like a joke of how ISIS treats the hostages in real life.)
ISIS was made to look like a joke in the movie Imaginationland. ISIS is being shown making a character of the show South Park to say something and recording like what ISIS does to the hostages in real life.

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