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The Shepherd's Granddaughter-C.d

No description

Courtney deJong

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of The Shepherd's Granddaughter-C.d

The Shepherd's Granddaughter By: Anne Laurel Carter The Beginning:
There is a little girl named Amani. She lives in Palestine with her family. Her passion is Shepherding, which her grandfather (Seedo) does. He has a huge flock, and Seedo has a tall peak where he let's his sheep graze.
Her family lives in a great amount of Peace and everything is well. Decisions Amani loves Shepherding. Her parent's don't think a girl should be shepherding, and that it's a man's job. Seedo thinks otherwise, and as the leader of the the family, he decides that Amani will not go to school, she will train along him and be the next family shepherd. Her siblings and cousins, will teach her school skills. Starting Off Amani starts off helping Seedo with the sheep, working with them and making her familiar with them. She helps Seedo do everything that he needs, and eventually she catches on and becomes better at the job.
Talk Of Invasion Amani's family has heard talk of an Invasion of their land under Israel orders. Other areas near them, about Settlers building settlements and completely taking over their homeland.
Ammo Hani (Amani's Uncle) Speaks out more than others. He says what he thinks, and it worries the rest of the family. Occuring Problems The Family has been starting to get into some problems
Seedo is beginning to get sick
There is more talk about the Invasion happening and that the Israel Settler's are moving closer building more settlement's.
Olive Harvest The Olive Harvest is a big tradition in their family, and in many families. They use olives for food, to make olive oil, and to sell for money. They are a big deal for the families and a great pleasure. The Real Invasion The Israel Settlers have come to Palestine lands.
They are not too close, but they will be building settlements close by and could be even closer to their land when the project continues on.
They have built roads and an exclussive highway for Israel people only.
The family had to take Seedo to the hospital for tests because they feared he was coming very sick. They run into trouble with Israel soldiers.
Since the whole family went Omar (Amani's Brother) was told to get out of the truck they were in. Because in Israel territory they will shoot the Palestine Boys.
This worries the family so Amani's mother goes with Omar and stays with him.
They will be picked up afterwards.
Omar also got accepted to a school far away for his amazing knowledge of science and interest, everyone will miss him. The Protest The Family gets tired of the mistreatment they are getting from the Israel people. They decide to start a protest, so they get a bunch of their neighbours, and the Rabbi, to join them in their protest. They go on the Israel highway.
when Israel soldiers find them they are angry, and confused.
They would have acted out violently if it wasn't for the presence of the Rabbi, who keeps the peace.
The Family feels satisfied and goes home. Seedo's Death Seedo's death was expected, Seedo was ready for his death, everyone else was not, they spent hours and days grieving and even when they did work they were choked up and sad. The loss of Seedo was a horrible thing. For his wife (Sitti) it was okay because she had a hard time remembering things, so she wasn't always sure of what was going on. The Family still stayed strong and are keeping up well.
Since Seedo died, Amani has a huge new responsibility. She is the new Shepherd. Going Too Far.... One Day when Amani was going to graze her small flock of sheep (Since she needed to sell more at a time for money for her family.) She was coming back from Seedo's Peak, when a gunshot scared her. One of her favourite sheep (Blackface) was shot. She saw the Settler and his son on top of a hill, she ran with the rest of her flock, scared, furious, and sad. More Decisions Another Illness Amani decides she should start going to school. She will continue to be the Shepherd, she will tend to the sheep, in the mornings and afternoons when school is done. Amani's mother's mother is ill, Amani never knew her.
She explains to her and the others that she needs to see her before she could die, and stay with her if it becomes serious.
Amani doesn't want her to go, but once she talks more to her mother about it she notices she would do the same. So she goes and wont be back for a while. Amani goes to School New Interactions Amani sees the Settler's Son who was there when his father shot her sheep. From
This she really does
not like him. But
she sees him
again, and
this time
he talks
to her.

shot to her
sheep and that
it was all an
Amani understands and lets him know she knows.
His presence is still uncomforting, but she feels better about the idea of him here, than what she used to.

Olive Grove Scare One day when the family is harvesting the Olives, a huge group of settlers come running out with guns, aimed and ready to fire. An English speaking Soldier tells them they are too close to the settlements they are building, and that they are not allowed in the Olive grove anymore, and if they are found in it, they will become violent.
But that night, Amani's father, and Amani sneak into the Olive Grove to get the remaining sacs of olives that they missed while fleeing from the Olive Grove.
They go with the sacs of olives to a place to sell them for olive oil, and just overall olive selling.
They get back in the morning. Poisoned Amani was grazing her few sheep and she saw the settler's son, she was talking to him when she realized white pellets on the ground. It was poison, and her sheep were eating it, she rushed back to their pen and emptied out their water troff, and made them drink tons of water, but that morning it was too late. Amani was furious and felt depressed the only two sheep she had left were two lambs, who stuck by her and didn't eat the poison. A Strange Feeling One day while Amani was at school, she had a horrible feeling, she rushed home just to find she had no home left. Her house was being demolished, Seedo's Peak was covered with Israel Settler's, and the bulldozer's were starting on Seedo's house. She ran to the people in the bulldozer's, crying, and screaming at them to stop, then her father came in on the donkey, but the settler's shot him. She screamed again and in a rage ran at the bulldozer throwing rocks at it, and crashing through the glass, leading it away from the Firdoos,(which is a place she had left to take her sheep to graze.) She through rock after rock, furious, and horrified. She thought she was going to be dead, but she got away without the bulldozer coming any further, her sheep had followed her. The Cave When Amani had ran away from the Bulldozer's she came across a cave, she went inside and then the Settler boy came in. They talked, he told her how he disagreed with his father's job and behaviour, so he was leaving tomorrow. Amani knew he was good, she admired him for that. He stayed with her,until night, then left saying good-bye. Amani slept in the cave with her sheep all the way to morning. The Solution That morning Amani took her sheep back to the remains of her home, she felt alone and scared. Until she saw her mother and Omar coming around she ran to them, her sheep with her still. She hugged them both. They said that her father would be fine, and that everything would be okay. Amani, Omar and their mother went inside what was left of their house. Everything was already looking better for them. The settler's had moved on past their area, which made them feel secure.
Everything was going to be okay. Amani had a neighbour offer to give her some of his sheep to help start up her flock again, she took the offer.
In the end everyone was safe, and everything was going fine once again. The Wolf The Wolf appears alot with Amani.
When she let's her sheep graze up on Seedo's peak, and the Firdoo's ( The place where Amani found and takes her sheep occasionally.) She gradually loses her fear of the wolf, and respects the wolf.
Later on she learns that the wolf has a family of his own. The family lives in Palestine it may have not been Amani's mother's vision of a "free Palestine" but for now it's their safe place once again and forever to be.
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